One Shocking Secret to Beat Google Penguin

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One Shocking Secret to Beat Google Penguin

In 2011 many affiliate marketers were hit hard by the Google Panda update. Just when we thought it was safe, Google unleashed the new-fangled “Penguin” algorithm update, which once again has the potential to alter the affiliate marketing landscape (for better or for worse, depending on whom you are)

The purpose of the Penguin update, it seems, is to reduce the amount of low-quality/spammy websites appearing in Google’s search engine rankings. In particular, Penguin intends to target websites that are using “blackhat” link building methods, or sites which are overly-optimized for SEO. However, it’s not changing your backlinking strategies that will yield the best results for boosting your rankings post-Penguin.

In this blog post I’m going to show you how to beat the Google Penguin Update by making just one simple change to your web strategy.
Rather than boring you with complicated dozens of complicated theories or methods, I’ll show you the one shockingly simple thing you need to do in order to beat Google’s Penguin update for good. It doesn’t involve “ethical backlinks”, or completely changing your site structure dramatically, or anything like that.
In fact, what I’m about to teach you is one of those things that is so simple, you’ll be kicking yourself for not realizing it earlier!

You see Google has been moving increasingly towards rewarding truly high-quality content in the search engines. The Panda update of 2011 was released with the intention of reducing sites that weren’t offering enough quality content to search users. As much as it can be painful to admit it, many article directories, Web 2.0 sites, and so-called “content farms” really didn’t offer that much in terms of quality content. Instead, they were lots of words for the sake of trying to get high rankings for certain keywords.

So Panda first punished sites that were thin on useful, informative, and fresh content. Penguin then came along and penalized sites that were attempting to “game” themselves into higher search rankings than they really deserved through backlinking (this is an interesting thing to note, as basically any form of SEO or link-building is considered “Grey Hat” by Google – tolerable at best)

What this tells us is that Google wants websites that provide the content search users want. Google wants quality! Google wants fresh, exciting content. And if you can give Google what it wants, you’ll be able to beat the “black and white animal updates”!

So what is the one shockingly simple secret to beating the Google Penguin update?

Focus on your content, BEFORE you focus on links.

If you can provide truly fresh and informative content to your readers that isn’t spun, re-worded, or words for the sake of words, then you’ll be light years ahead of your competition. I’ve stressed this a lot, but I’ll keep on stressing the importance of quality content over any SEO or site optimization forever and a day (and that’s coming from a big SEO fan)

Here’s a quick check list of what you need to do to supercharge your content (and send the Google Penguin back to the Ice Age):

  • Make sure every article on your site is at least 500 words long
  • Avoid spinning articles on your own site
  • Don’t stuff keywords, or “keyword drop” – focus on making your articles and content readable for humans, not search engines
  • Focus your articles around problems, and then provide solutions to those problems
  • Write in an entertaining, compelling manner
  • Research as much as possible – even a brief look through Wikipedia or niche forums is better than nothing
  • Avoid weasel words and write only content of value

If you can follow the above list of guidelines when creating your site content then you will be able to beat Google Penguin (and any future “quality content” updates) It really is as simple as that! Google wants high quality content to deliver to its users – and if you’re in a position to offer this then you will do much better than others.

I’m not saying that SEO and link building isn’t important, but that you should get your content quality in order first. Only then should you turn your attention to link building and SEO!

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