How To Get Traffic To Your Blog The EASY Way

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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog The EASY Way

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It’s been far too long since I last posted on the Affilorama blog – my apologies, I’ve been terribly slack recently. However, you’re in for a bit of a treat today as I’m going to teach you how to get traffic to your blog, the easy way. What you’re about to learn is so shockingly simple and straightforward, you almost wouldn’t believe it to be true. However, if you follow the simple strategy I’m about to outline, then you’ll notice massively increased traffic to your site. In fact, this would be the perfect thing to pursue over the Christmas holidays.

What’s the strategy?

I like to call it B.H.B.O – Blog Hard, Blog Often!

The principle behind BHBO is really quite simple – the key to any successful blog is to add loads of awesome content that your readers absolutely love. Unfortunately, many affiliates tend to forget this, and instead use blogging platforms like WordPress to build “static sites” (say with 15 articles) and then they never add any more content. From there it’s an uphill struggle to gain and maintain good search engine rankings. You have to put loads of effort into tiresome and repetitive SEO – or at the very least go out and hire an outsourcer, in order to try and “beat” Google with thin content sites.

BHBO is a great alternative to the  ”traditional” affiliate way of doing a blog that is, in reality, a static site. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Research great content in your niche
  2. Write one post/article every three days (let’s call these writing days your “on days”, to use exercise nomenclature)
  3. On your “off days”, network with other bloggers in your niche by blog commenting, encouraging fresh guest posts, and focusing on quality link building.
  4. Continue to monetize through list building (primary monetizing method) as well as on-site affiliate links and Google Adsense etc.

How simple is that?

Basically, this is a real “returns to basics” method for getting traffic to your blog. What I’m encouraging you to do here is actually start building up an authority site in your niche, so that you don’t need to worry about Google algorithm updates, link building (although obviously you still want to continue with some link building)  and keeping up with “traffic generation trends”. Instead, you start building up a real business online; you create an absolute masterpiece that people want to come and visit. In AffiloBlueprint, Mark actually teaches you some valuable lessons on building an authority site, so you should check out the AffiloBlueprint training here.

The two parts of the BHBO method of generating blog traffic that you may struggle with the most are:

  • Researching fresh content
  • Finding the motivation to write a new post/article on a regular basis

Because I really want you to succeed at this, and it’s a great way to get traffic to your blog, let’s explore how you can overcome these two hurdles.

Researching New Content For Your Blog

This is actually really simple. The easiest way to find fresh content and material to blog about is to read lots of other blogs in your niche. In particular, you want to be reading the “authority” blogs in your niche – these are the ones that people visit by clicking on a bookmarked URL, or by directly typing the URL into their address bar. The reason big blogs become big and receive loads of hits is because their content is appealing to readers. If you can nail this principle, and apply it to your own blogs and sites, then you will soon witness dramatically increased traffic levels, happier readers, and more income as a consequence.

The easiest way to find “research blogs” is to head over to, and simply filter popular blogs and posts based on your niche topic or term. For example, if you run a blog/site about Android mobile devices, then you would simply choose to view relevant blog posts and blogs about Android:

From there, it’s just a case of reading widely and regularly, and absorbing all that information to help you craft better content for your own readers. The benefit of researching widely is that you’ll also write better articles – rather than simply trying to hit a word limit, you will actually teach something really useful to your audience. Everyone’s a winner when you BHBO!

Finding Writing Motivation

The other thing you may struggle with when writing more to get greater traffic to your blog is actually finding the motivation to get that content written. I’m not even talking about finding a writing topic here – simply finding the motivation to actually sit at your keyboard and get typing can be a mission for most of us.

Because the BHBO system relies on writing as the crux of increasing traffic to your blog, you really don’t have an alternative but to do loads of  writing. You should try and do one 750 word minimum blog post every three days. Now if you’re not a natural writer, or you’re the kind of person who finds themselves getting burned out easily, then you could struggle here.

However, here are some tips that will help you find motivation:

  • Break up your writing into small chunks. Rather than sitting down to write 1000 words in one go, consider splitting your writing up into blocks. Write 300 words, then take a break, then come back and repeat until you’ve got the full blog post put together.
  • Remember that content is one of the keys to online success on a going forward basis. If you want to succeed at anything in life, you have to try really hard at it. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts when it comes to affiliate marketing – the most successful guys are almost always those who work the hardest. Therefore, put 100% of your heart and soul into your writing, in order to help you achieve your affiliate marketing dream.
  • Practice writing lots in order to increase your speed and make it less of a chore. Remember, practice makes perfect.
  • Visualize success! This is an important one – you should sit down and spend some time each day imagining the success you’re going to have once your blog really takes off. Whether its imagining huge traffic statistics in Google Analytics, or big Clickbank paychecks, this can all really help you.

Want To Get More Blog Traffic? Here’s Your Homework

As you can see, BHBO is a really straightforward way of improving the performance of your blog and getting more visitors, leads, and sales. You’re basically focusing on the whole “quality content” angle here, which is super important.

However, to make sure you stay on the right track I’ve devised a little bit of homework that will help you out over the Christmas break:

  1. Visit Technorati and read 20 relevant articles in your niche. Spend a whole day on this, just absorbing information.
  2. Plan the titles of 15 new articles, remembering to do proper keyword research. Use the AffiloBlueprint keyword research lessons to help you with this. This will give you roughly 6 weeks worth of content, and the pre-written titles will structure your writing properly.
  3. Every three days over the holidays, polish off one of those articles. Upload it to your blog – ping, bookmark, and submit it to social sites.
  4. In your down time, try to leave at least thirty insightful comments per day on related blogs in your niche. Network heavily with others in your niche.

If you follow this system closely over the coming holiday period, I have absolutely no doubt you will get traffic to your blog. The best thing is that this is also really simple and easy to follow. If you don’t get more traffic to your blog, then I will eat my hat come the new year!

For more killer step-by-step guides to profiting from affiliate marketing, you should check out our AffiloBlueprint “over the shoulder” training course.

Remember, if you’ve got any questions just leave a comment below.

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