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Shane Flait's Articles in Finance


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  • Term Insurance and Terms You Need to Understand
    Insurance companies charge you premiums based on your health and age. When you buy life insurance to cover you for only a set number of years, the insurance companies offer you different types of premium options to pay for your coverage. This article explains some key words that insurance companies use to characterize these premium types. Understanding them is critical to recognizing the possible cost and length of your coverage.
  • Which Type Of Life Insurance Suits You?
    The ultimate reason for buying life insurance is for paying a benefit (i.e. a dollar amount) to a beneficiary when you die. It can also help you save money. Life insurance policies take one of several basic types. This article summarizes each type and some of the benefits it offers to your situation.
  • Medicare - What's It All About?
    Medicare is a government regulated healthcare program for those 65 and older. We'll all be on it, so it's important to understand how it works. In this article I summarize the different parts and coverages that come under the Medicare program.