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Michael Redbourn's Articles in Finance


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  • What To Look For When You Check Your Credit Report
    Even people with good credit ratings are now failing to get loan approvals, because the qualifying bar has been raised and because they have erroneous information on their credit reports. Just getting any kind of free credit report online and then simply glancing through it won't help your credit rating at all, and although knowing what kind of report to get is important, knowing what to look for and what to get removed is essential.
  • Discover What Makes One Loan Very Different From Another!
    It's easy to think that all loans are equal, except for maybe the interest rate, but that's far from the truth. Loans can easily be broken down into secured and unsecured ones, but there's much more you should know before applying for one. There are personal loans, home loans, and loans for various purchases such as an automobile, plus fees, commissions and interest rates, and things like the duration of the loan that are also important.