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Khan's Articles in Hardware


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  • Apple data storage and recovery
    Apple computers and tablets include iMac, MacBook, Mac mini, iPhone, iPad and other popular products. In this article I will talk about data recovery from all these products when they fail.
  • Future of computer repair
    In this article, I will explore some future repair possibilities of computers, laptops, PC and other electronic processing devices like hard drives, Raids etc.
  • SD Card data recovery
    In this article, I will talk about small data storage devices known as SD cards. I will also explain different uses of SD cards and how data recovery is possible when an SD card dies.
  • Computer Hard Drive Repair
    In this article I will first explain different kinds of hard drives and then I will talk about the repairing procedure of these hard disks. I have also discussed different kinds of hard drive problems.
  • Which one is better, Apple Computer or PC?
    In this article I have talked about PC based computer products and Apple generation computers. I tried to share everything I know about them and my experience with them.