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Dr. Ismail Ulukus's Articles in Religion and Faith


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  • Everything is consistent in the divine system
    Anything in the divine system was and is created by Allah (swt), the creator of the system, in accordance with specific proportions. This is called "providence" (qadar). There is nothing out of proportion in the divine order where "the proportion and rates" between the elements are determined in order to provide for the needs of a perfect whole.
  • Qualities for each function in the divine order
    There is a reason, purpose and wisdom for the creation of everything in the divine system. Every factor, phenomenon and process was arranged to complement each other. As everything in this system was created for a reason, every factor in the system is equipped with the qualities and skills to realize these purposes. The water is one of the most interesting substances of the divine system.
  • The spiritual leaders of the societies
    Divine mercy never disappears from Earth. Allah (swt) doesn't discriminate His former and latter human beings. As He granted the people who lived in the period with the divine lights spread from His Prophet's heart in the era of bliss, He spreads this divine lights and His mercy through the awliyaullah (saints) which are his inheritors today. This divine light of mercy will certainly continue shining until the judgment day.