Description:The Cat in the Hat was published by Random House. However, because of its success, an independent publishing company was formed, called Beginner Books. Geisel was the president and editor. Beginner Books was chartered as a series of books oriented toward various stages of early reading development. (From 1957 to 1960, Random House was the distributor of Beginner Books. In 1960, Random House purchased Beginner Books, and it became a division of Random House)The second book in the series, THE CAT IN THE HAT .published in 1958, was nearly as popular. The Cat in the Hat served as their mascott. Springing from this series of beginning readers were such standards as A Fly Went By (1958), Sam and the Firefly (1958), Green Eggs and Ham (1960), Go, Dog. Go! (1961), Hop on Pop (1963), and Fox in Socks (1965), each a monument in the picturebook industry, and also significant in the historical development of early readers. All are still in print and remain very popular over forty years after their initial publication.[Creators in the Beginner Book series included Stan and Jan Berenstain, P. D. Eastman, Roy McKie, and Helen Palmer (Mr. Geisel's wife). The Beginner Books dominated the children's picturebook market of the 1960s, and still plays a significant role today within the phases of students' reading development. The early success of Beginner Books, both from a commercial and learn-to-read perspective, initiated the blurring between educational and entertainment books.Three generations have learned to read with Dr. Seuss’s classic children’s books, which celebrate literacy, self-confidence and the wonderful possibilities of a child’s imagination 600 million Dr. Seuss titles have been sold worldwide, translated into 17 languages and distributed in 95 countries The dedicated website with Seussian activities ( has 6 million visitors per year. Dr Seuss is a powerful brand with $100 million annual retail sales and $480 million theatrical box office sales. In 1957, Dr. Seuss used 236 words to reinvent the way kids learn to read - 50 years later, The Cat in the Hat is still one of the best-selling titles worldwide. The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library has sold 4.5 million books since its launch in 1998.
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