Steps To Choose The Best Dog Collar - By: John Denvert

There are many different styles of collars available for specific breeds of canine and behavioral requirements. The wide range available makes it difficult to make a suitable decision that will ensure pets remain under control and comfortable. There are a number of steps that can be followed to ensure that owners select the best possible dog collar.

From chains and chokers to bling collars and harnesses; a wide selection of restraining methods are available. Unfortunately, the success for a healthy and balanced pet lies in the training that is invested and not the product. For pets that are undergoing routine training to curb problem responses, there are specific designs that prove most applicable and manageable for owners.

A choker or prong collar is a common choice for owners who struggle to walk their pets that consists of chain links or metal connected to fabric. It restrains the dog by constricting the neck should the animal pull or lunge that can exacerbate symptoms and bad behavior rather than correct it. It is best to invest in healthy methods of training with collars and leads for the best outcome.

Buckle collars are popular as it allows the owner to place a tag on the loop with details to identify the pet. Should a canine companion break free or become lost, the tag can aid in finding the owners. There are many different materials that such designs come in including leather and nylon that should be chosen for comfort and for its quality.

When teaching pets discipline and correcting behaviors on a walk, collars must fit securely and higher up on the neck region of the dog. It is better to manage pets that do not have to be restrained or choked with the use of specific types of apparatus. The item must provide a suitable fit as it will protect the canine from discomfort and from breaking free should the collar become loose.

Measuring the circumference of the neck is important to ensure that the correct sizes for collars are sought. Where a choke collar range is purchased, it is important to understand the risk it carries as it restricts the throat and can lead to trauma. The more durable and higher quality designs can provide the best results as it is comfortable and will protect animals when on a walk from damage.

A head halter is suitable for dogs that pull or may indicate aggressive behaviors. In training, it serves as an effective tool to steer the head of the animal away from areas that should not be focused on and allows the owner to close the mouth to prevent against biting. Such products must be used under the guidance of a suitable trainer to aid in achieving the best outcome.

An E collar is commonly used after surgery is performed because it stops dogs from irritating the wounds. Pet owners have a wide selection of collars to choose from that includes preference and comfort for canines. A product must be selected according to the durability and the quality that it offers in training for pets.

From chains and chokers to bling collars and harnesses; a wide selection of restraining methods are available.

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