Ten Tasty Tipples To Intoxicate Your Romance - By: John Denvert

By Kimberly Thomas

Couples who drink together, stay together! A recent study from the University of Buffalo found that couples with markedly different drinking habits are more likely to break up, whether they drink moderately, heavily or not at all.

In other words, imbibing as a couple isn't just permissible-it's commendable. Here's a list of fun drinks, some of which you've probably never heard of. Try them out with your partner (and have cab fare handy, just in case).

At home, at a party, or in a bar, these crazy concoctions are sure to add more life to your love life.

1) Blow Job

This is a succulent drink with a sensual theme, so lick up the cream and follow your dream.

1/4 oz Bailey's Irish cream1/2 oz amaretto almond liqueur

Pour the two liqueurs into a shot glass and top with copious amounts of whipped cream. Get your partner to place their hands behind their back, lift the filled shot glass with their mouth, tilt their head back, and swallow it down.

2) Buttery Nipple

Guaranteed to give your erogenous zones a ripple, so try one now and make the nipple your tipple.

1 oz amaretto almond liqueur2 oz Bailey's Irish Cream2 oz butterscotch schnapps2 maraschino cherries

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with 4 or 5 cubes of ice. Pour entire contents into a glass and add cherries.

3) B-52 Flaming Shot

One of these will really hit the spot, so sample it now with all you've got.

1/3 shot Kahlua1/3 shot Bailey's Irish Cream1/3 shot Grand Marnier or CointreauTwo drops of Bacardi 151 rum

Fill a shot glass 1/3 full of Kahlua. Layer the Irish Cream on top by pouring it onto the back of a spoon that is held against the rim of the shot glass. Layer the Grand Marnier the exact same way. Add two drops of 151 and light it. Consume by blowing out the flame or sucking down the drink with a long straw.

4) Fireball

Drink with caution or learn to fall; too many of these and you'll have to crawl.

1 shot cinnamon schnapps1 shot Bacardi 151 rum2 dashes Tabasco sauce

Mix the schnapps, rum and Tabasco in a shooter glass. Stir briefly.

5) Alabama Slammer

The perfect recipe to put steel in your hammer, but drink with care or you'll speak with a stammer.

1/2 oz amaretto almond liqueur1/2 oz Southern Comfort peach liqueur1/2 oz sloe gin1 splash orange juice1 splash sweet and sour mix

Pour above ingredients into a stainless steel shaker over ice and shake until completely cold. Strain into an old-fashioned glass and serve.

6) Cherry Bomb

When you drink this bomb your energy will return, but the bounce is pronounced so for amour you will yearn.

1 oz cherry vodka3 oz Red Bull energy drink1 splash grenadine syrup

Pour vodka and Red Bull energy drink into a small glass. Add grenadine slowly so it sinks to the bottom without mixing, for a layered effect.

7) Three Wise Men

This is a shot for the hardiest of folk-if you drink too many, your speech will be a joke.

Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskyJim Beam bourbon whiskeyJack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey

Add into a shot glass in equal parts.

8) Blue Kamikaze

This colorful concoction won't make you blue; it's a killer shot for a high-flying crew!

1 oz vodka1 oz Blue Curacao liqueur1 oz lime juiceFill with ice cubes

Combine the vodka, Blue Curacao, and lime juice in a shaker filled with ice. Shake well and then pour through a strainer into a glass with ice. Makes 1 drink.

9) Tequila Shot

Tequila's a potent drink to savor; sample the stuff and invite your neighbor!

1 1/2 oz tequilalemon or lime wedge1 pinch of salt

The proper ritual for consumption:

Moisten the back of your hand below the index finger by licking and pour on the salt.

Lick the salt off your hand. The salt lessens the burn of the tequila.

Drink the tequila.

Quickly bite the lemon or lime wedge. The sourness of the fruit enhances the flavor of the tequila.


10) Jager Bomb

Love them or hate them just drink up; if you don't try one of these you're only givin' up.

1 Fill a shot glass with Jagermeister.

2 Fill a highball glass, or other tall glass, with Red Bull.

3 Drop the shot glass into the taller glass and drink immediately.

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In other words, imbibing as a couple isn't just permissible-it's commendable. Here's a list of fun drinks, some of which you've probably never heard of.

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