Developing affinity towards Allah (2) - By: Dr. Ismail Ulukus

Dearest Readers,

I stated in my previous article that "The doors of the heart become open to divine knowledge, recommendations, advices and advances after this light of belief starts shining in the heart."

# From "believing under pretense" to "believing by research"

Indeed, after this light of belief starts shining in the heart, the person becomes more susceptive towards the divine knowledge that the prophets of Allah passed on. Even though the religion and everything about the religion previously seems to him as a story made up by humans, a person's point of view changes after belief. The person starts realizing that those are not stories but each obeyed divine command is actually a very important divine means that leads a person to goodness. This leads him to a new acquisition of knowledge and reasoning process.

This is the stage of believing by research. Believing by research is the stage of understanding the works of Allah (swt) by researching the data of the religion and evaluating them by reasoning. This stage is of course better than believing under pretense. At this stage the person has more affinity towards Allah than at believing under pretense stage.

# From "believing by research" to "the real belief"

However after a while a person will realize that he cannot explain everything by reasoning. Because, reasoning is a mechanism working with realities of material such as sense perceptions, images, reflections, ideas and concepts. Whereas spiritual realities are completely different from the realities of material. Trying to understand the spiritual realities through the realities of material is like trying to understand the water vapor by analyzing an ice bar. However, ice and vapor are at completely different phases. And the rules they rely on are completely different. Each phase must be analyzed with its own rules to obtain accurate information.

This point that the believer arrives at is where reasoning fails. Because, on one hand the person encounters many events that verify the religious realities and those which increase his belief and affinity towards Allah but on the other hand unbelievable events take place, which raise suspicion in the person putting question marks in his mind.

When this mental pretense stage is overcome with the help of Allah and dimension of meaning is obtained, the real form of the belief in the person's heart becomes clear. Without doubt, it is not easy. Mostly, the help of guides called Murshid-i Kamil who are competent of meaning is needed to excel to this dimension. However; Allah (swt) grants this dimension to the people who He wishes for without them having to receive any help.

At this stage, spiritual realities become clearer in the believer's mind. The believer then starts seeing the spiritual realities clearly and without doubt just as he sees the material realities. The last stage that the believer reaches is called “witnessing” (shahada) which is the peak point of belief. Nobody can mislead a person who reaches this stage from his belief.

The peak point of belief is also the peak point of affinity towards Allah.

# It is not easy to reach the real belief

Dear Readers,

A real belief certainly cannot be reached easily and quickly. And not everybody is granted with it.

As mentioned above, the beginning of this process is the moment when a touch of belief starts shining in the heart with the words "Lailahe illallah" (There is no God, but Allah) . The process of belief reaches to the peak point by getting stronger with the acquittal of the ego (freeing the self from the bad behaviors), and through various divine services and devotions. However, the core of the subject never changes in any stage. This is the light of belief that emerges in the heart in the form of a tiny beam of light at the beginning. It is the love and affection for Allah.

Just as the increase of love and affection of a person towards another after getting to know their good qualities and attitude, and the subsequent increase of this affinity as this love and affection grows, the closer a competent believer becomes to his Lord the more he grows faith in his heart i.e. his love and affection he feels towards. This means affinity (qurbet). "Qurbet" means affinity and connection. They call the works that create affinity towards Allah as "qurbet" in general.

I try to explain you in my articles what affinity towards Allah means, the ways and methods of achieving this without missing the core of the subject with unnecessary details, within cited knowledge. The details can be learned from various "ilmihal" books (a concise manual of Islamic faith, worship and ethics).

May Allah grant you and us success in all of our good works. May The Almighty Creator free our hearts from meaningless and unnecessary things; increase the love in our hearts that we feel for Him, bless us with the affinity towards Him all the time.

Please, pray for me.

After the light of belief starts shining in the heart, the person becomes more susceptive towards the divine knowledge that the prophets of Allah passed on. Indeed, this light of belief is nothing but the love for Allah. This will lead him firstly to believing by research, and then to the real belief.

Dr. Ismail Ulukus is a former phytopathologist and researcher. He has various articles written on plant diseases. In these days, he has begun to write articles on moral values due to a moral degeneration growing up on all the world. He is publishing now these articles on his website, His address: