The Benefits Of A Cellular Cleanse For Boosting Health And Well-being - By: John Denvert

People have studied the benefits of detoxification for centuries, even if they didn't use this term. Different cultures used plants or other natural substances as laxatives, emetics, purges, and tonics. Sweat lodges and saunas, mineral baths, deep breathing exercises, and fasting - taking in nothing but water for days or even weeks - were all thought to restore health, clarity of mind, endurance, and balance. What ancient peoples were doing was triggering a cellular cleanse.

Today science has discovered that cells make up all our tissues, organs, bones, and even hair and fingernails. Research has also shown that some things are nutrients for the body while others are detrimental. These harmful substances are called 'toxins'. Alternative medicine has embraced the idea of cleansing for health, as have many medical doctors. Other MDs deny the benefits of detoxing and even the problem of toxicity.

Europe was the leader in fasting for health, as well as keeping the whole digestive system clear and functional. The Far East and India developed many restorative herbal formulas and extremely effective bathing techniques unfamiliar to the West. American Indians used sweat lodges for purification, both physical and spiritual. Today, advocates of juicing fruits and vegetables claim superior detox benefits as well as a supply of easily-digested nutrition.

Although most people who use a detoxification program or formula are neither doctors or scientists, they are able to tell when they feel better. Their testimonials to friends and family are the most effective advertising for the benefits of cleansing and the use of formulas. Positive rsults include increased energy and focus, clearer skin, and improved digestion.

A detox that works on the entire system - flushing toxins out of every cell - is different from a laxative. A colon cleanser helps rid the body of accumulated solid wastes in the bowel. This may well affect total well-being, but it falls short of the total body cleanse many want. Diuretics are another quick fix, but one that can cause dangerous losses of needed minerals.

Switching to a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables will start the natural cleansing process, but fasting for three or more days will jump-start it. There is a great deal of literature on fasting. Some programs advocate taking only water, while others use juices, broths, teas, and some fruits like apples, watermelon, and grapes.

If a fast is to last more than three days, supervision by a trained therapist or doctor is recommended. Fasts can last for weeks without harmful effects, if done properly. Partial fasts, when all processed and cooked foods are eliminated, can be effective if the diet is raw, fresh fruits and vegetables. Working during a total fast is difficult, since the body is using a lot of energy for detoxing and concentration may be impaired, and strenuous exercise should be avoided, as well.

This is why commercial products that can be used without fasting have become popular. Even product manufacturers that promise results 'no matter what' recommend eliminating certain foods and relying on fresh fruits and vegetables. It's important to know the track record of the manufacturer and to follow directions exactly. Authorities suggest getting your doctor's approval before using a commercial product or beginning a fast.

Detoxification has been studied, debated, and implemented throughout history. The idea of a cellular cleanse is to flush toxins out of tissues in muscles and internal organs. What ancient peoples were doing was triggering a cellular cleanse.

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