Invest In Your Own Drill Chicken Plucker - By: John Denvert

There are people who raise chickens because of their interest in keeping fresh eggs. However, there are some who want to eat the bird as well. The most tedious process in eating the chicken is plucking it. The reason why people make or purchase a drill chicken plucker is to have an easier way to remove the feathers.

Be innovative and choose from different answers to your issue of how to roast and partake of your meat. If you are willing to go conventional then probably you will have to be manual when it comes to plucking. All tools follow the basic principles of manual labor.

However, to save you more time on your roast, use a mechanical finger for whatever type of bird you are cooking. Start by scalding the whole body in about half a minute in putting it in hot water. This will allow the feathers to loosen which makes it easier for removal. You can easily rake out by using gloves or rubber fingers.

Try to choose those rubber materials that will strap into place. The tool comes in two designs. The first kind of model is called the tub style. You can choose to make your device if you want. If you decide to make one yourself, just follow how the picture is designed.

There are other designs that are bigger and harder to set up. This is created to be used for those people who cook chickens all the time. With its design, it is made to fit around more birds. If you think this is not what you are looking for then choose the second model.

The second one is simpler and is not difficult to build or set up. It uses the help of an electric drill. This design is much affordable and can be accessed easier. On the down side, it will wear out because of the load from the weight of the animal. This one though can only take one bird to pluck.

Just in case you do not like how both tools function, create and modify this. Start altering the pieces based on how you want them to be. A pope will be used so you can start drilling holes into different rows. This will keep all the finger plucker into place.

Make a drill at the center with two caps that you have with you. Fix all caps with a shift as you insert it into the pipe. Be able to point the shaft out from the cap that is left. This will give you a better roller for the device that you use. Insert a stand that should be enough that the device can be fixed into it.

Attach at least two wings which can hold the bearing of each roller so it can pick up. At the tip of each shaft, you can insert a pulley that you should connect together with a volt motor. Be sure that this will be stable enough where the stand can hold. If the power is already turned on, the motor will have the rollers start plucking the feathers from the animal. If you create your own design for the drill chicken plucker, you can personalize it according to the use you want. The results can be seen within two minutes versus the manual way of doing it that would take fifteen minutes.

Be innovative and choose from different answers to your issue of how to roast and partake of your meat.

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