Important Stories Of Miracles That Occurred Somewhere Around The Planet - By: John Denvert

One of the great things about living in the present age is that people have so much access to news across the planet. With just a few keystrokes or clicks you can find news from almost anywhere. It is not surprising that there are stories of miracles that have happened around the world almost every day.

One of the stranger stories is that of Joseph of Cupertiono. He was a well known Franciscan friar that many considered to be a saint and mystic. Around the time of 1630 he is said to have spontaneously levitated and hovered over the crowd for several hours before returning to the ground. This is a feat he is said to have repeated many more times before his death, once in front of the Pope himself.

The tale of St. Bernadette is as absorbing as it is truly moving. Within the roman catholic faith there is the idea that a true saint's body will be incorruptible even after their death. One saint is Lady St. Bernadette. Though she had died around the 1880's her body is believed to remain in basically the same state as when she was still alive.

In the sparse fields of Fatima Portugal a miracle is thought to have happened involving the sun at noon October 1917. Supposedly three youths told everyone the Virgin Mary said a miracle would begin at a particular time and date. At about noon, the sun started zig-zagging while moving toward the planet earth. Thousands of people had gathered to view if this would actually come true though later they also confirmed it actually had happened

Another truly inspiring tale is the tale of Martin de Porres. He lived as a lay brother from the Dominican order living in Peru. It is believed he preformed many different miracles, though what he is best known for is appearing in different places at the same time. Several people witnessed this event and often he would give very detailed accounts of the different places people had seen him at.

A miracle that revolves around the Roman Catholic Eucharist is the narrative of one special mass which took place about 595 AD. One of the ladies cooking the bread for the mass said she no longer believed in the Eucharist. Later that night she was also refused communion. Later in the small church some of the bread she cooked had become real flesh and blood. Some of this bread remains stored at a small church in Germany.

Another strange miracle is the one of the voice of Saint Clelia Barbieri. She was of Italian descent and died of tuberculosis at the young age of 23. Her fellow parishioners truly believed she would never leave them and can often be heard singing with the church choir. This was first heard one year after her death and is still heard today.

Stories of miracles that happened in the far past happened, they simply are not known as well. They can take on various forms. They are required to be seen by several individuals. For every thousand stories reported, generally just one is sanctioned with the church.

One of the stranger stories is that of Joseph of Cupertiono. He was a well known Franciscan friar that many considered to be a saint and mystic.

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