An Overview Of The Benefits Of Myofascial Release Charlotte NC For Pain Relief - By: John Denvert

Myofascial release is a medical treatment that is used to ease pain and immobility of joints and muscle tissues. It works by relaxing any tight fascia that could be compressing underlying tissues or through stretching the shortened tissues. This serves to restore blood supply which is usually impaired in these conditions. This therapy began by a scientist called Andrew Taylor who was the first to introduce it. Today is has helped greatly in alleviating of most chronic pains. Myofascial release Charlotte NC professionals deal in managing of these conditions.

The main reason patients seek this treatment is because of inability of proper function of muscles or joint and pain. They commonest cause is secondary to injury of any type. This therapy has also been used in surgery for the management of different conditions that could are a result of compression or shortening especially from spasms like carpal tunnel disease or even abnormalities of the temporomandibular joint.

The sources of this pain in the different conditions that require release revolve around two reasons. First being as a result of compression of the underlying tissues against their tight cover called fascia. Fascia is usually inelastic and will therefore resist expansion even when the tissues inside have expanded. Second is a direct result of muscular damage from over contraction of the shortened tissues. All these condition put pressure to blood vessels thereby preventing perfusion which must be treated.

Their goal of myofascial release is therefore to stretch the contracted muscles or to loosen the tight fascia covering the tissues. This ensures that these structures are able to move freely and that the range of movement especially around joints is restored. For this reason the therapy has also been referred to as myofascial release therapy.

This type of treatment can be offered by different health specialists. Sports medicine doctors, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, occupational and even massage therapists are all well trained to manage this condition. The exact technique that is used on different parts of the body to bring the release varies. The general principle behind this therapy is application of sustained amounts of low pressure or stretch to the affected areas.

This therapy could involve surgery in conditions such as carpal tunnel where the fascia has to be cut. So in other conditions, non-surgical approaches are preferred to reduce surgical risks. The use of pain medications like acetaminophen is a good alternative for pain. Other methods include of heat on constricted muscles to make them relaxed as well as ice for swollen tender joints to calm them down.

Muscle release is a useful therapy for patients who present primary with pains of tissues or joints from stiffness. However the therapy is an important part in the management of patients undergoing different types of treatments. For example patients on acupuncture must have their muscles and tissues properly aligned for the flow of energy to occur.This is made possible by first passing the patient through muscle releasing therapies before initiating acupuncture. The same applies in physiotherapy especially in joint rehabilitation where the muscle release makes the joint mobile.

Injuries are a common event in any society, so muscle shortening becomes a common problem for many people. The lifestyle changes in diet and lack of physical activities also predisposes people to weight gain and obesity. These conditions easily increase tissue pressure causing pain. Myofascial release Charlotte NC therapy is therefore of help in these patients.

The main reason patients seek this treatment is because of inability of proper function of muscles or joint and pain. They commonest cause is secondary to injury of any type.

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