Different Modern Wood Renewal Techniques - By: John Denvert

Beautiful wooden floors and furniture are timeless and always so appealing. They give special warmth to you home, creating warm and cozy atmosphere that just cannot be replaced. Wood might require special attention and maintenance, but it is surely worth it. Some areas are exposed to more traffic, and can easily lose their appearance. Sometimes regular cleaning and maintenance cannot solve your problems. Cheap and effective wood renewal techniques can.

Beautiful wooden floors are especially sensitive. Different areas are more exposed to traffic, and in time it becomes visible. You can cover your floors, but it is much better to do something about it. You have several options for restoring the previous glory of your lovely wooden floors.

The easiest and the most expensive solution is to simply replace your wooden floors with new ones. It will be really expensive, and there is rarely a real reason for it. Your floors would have to be in a really poor condition. You could also replace only the worn out parts. It is also a time consuming work, expensive and exhausting, but it is still an option. The problem is that it might leave more or less visible transition.

The most common way of restoring old and damaged wooden floors is to remove the top layer. This procedure involves the removal of varnish or paints from the surface, and then removal of a few millimeters of wood. The thickness of the layer that needs to be removed depends on the thickness of the wooden boards and the extent of damage. Of course, this process can take several days, and creates huge amounts of dust.

The next phase applies to all previous methods. The entire surface has to be properly protected and coated. It will take another few days. The main problem is that it might be difficult for you and your family members to live in the house during all this time. The best thing you can do is to leave and stay in some hotel for a few days. This will add a little to your final expenses as well.

Beautiful wooden furniture, as well as wooden kitchen cabinets, require similar approach. Furniture restoration takes some time. It is easier when you are able to do it outside of your home, but when it comes to kitchen cabinets, it cannot be done this way. It would be much better to use clever and innovative wood renewal techniques available today. It might be sufficient just to remove the deep dirt and to renew the outer layer.

Progress in technology and innovative solutions have made possible to reconstruct all damaged flooring and furniture made of solid wood in a quality and efficient manner. Deep cleaning will remove every trace of dirt and special products applied to the damaged area will seal every crack caused over time. This process takes only a day or two, and costs significantly less.

It is possible to restore the old glory, even when it comes to heavy damage. The good news is that this innovative procedure does not create dust clouds and prolonged intense smells as other solutions do. Wood renewal procedure allows a cheaper and better solution for the restoration of all wooden surfaces.

Beautiful wooden floors are especially sensitive. Different areas are more exposed to traffic, and in time it becomes visible.

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