Save Time With Current Satellite Images And Air Travel - By: John Denvert

There are many uses for current satellite images. These include locating real estate, viewing vacations options and checking out the local beaches. But perhaps the most common use for this type of image is for up to the moment weather forecasts. These can be extremely important for many people, especially those who have to travel.

The latest technology is proving incredibly useful for giving people really accurate weather reports that can help with everything from air travel to farming. Everyone wants to know what the weather will be like in the near future and tracking fronts is the most effective way to do this.

In regions affected by tsunami's it is vital to have an early warning system in place. The images that are bounced back to earth are a critical tool in detecting one of these massive tidal waves. If word can reach those in the path of the wave they have a chance to reach higher ground in time. Literally every moment counts and lives are on the line.

Air travel has also been revolutionized by the use of up to the moment images. Big storms and adverse conditions cause expensive delays at airports around the world. Travellers are not only inconvenienced, but may also miss an important business meeting. Planes that are already in the air may need to be diverted to avoid moving into dangerous conditions. The highly accurate weather reports now allow for much safer air travel.

It is quite amazing to see massive weather masses moving across the country and dropping precipitation along the way. This can range from rain to snow, or even hail. When really huge amounts of rain fall there is a very real danger of flooding. Experts are able to monitor conditions and advise people on when to leave their homes and head to higher ground. This can be very stressful, but it is better to be prepared and in a safer location.

The jet stream is a huge weather system that shows up clearly on satellite pictures. It is quite amazing to see huge weather fronts that extend for thousands of miles. The jet stream moves to the east and brings with it very specific conditions. The further north it moves the warmer the air. This can be both good and bad depending on the type of northern air mass it collides with.

The jet stream also helps air craft that are travelling eastwards. They can make a trip much faster with a good strong wind helping them along. This can have an effect on many stages of international travel. Even large merchant tanker ships have to contend with this interesting weather phenomenon. Every vessel is now able to connect with the latest images that are bounced by to earth and processed immediately.

Practically everyone can find some benefits in their lives from current satellite images. They are very helpful in predicting the levels of ultra violet light in the atmosphere. This type of light, commonly known as UV rays, can be extremely damaging to skin. Paying close attention to the UV index will help to prevent serious sunburn and lessen the risk of skin problems or even cancer later in life.

The latest technology is proving incredibly useful for giving people really accurate weather reports that can help with everything from air travel to farming.

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