Consumers Get Valuable Information At Customer Review Sites - By: John Denvert

Customer Review Sites are no longer random consumer opinions. They are now affecting buying decisions, both on and offline. They have become part of the buying process. Some online review sites are so valued and well known that some shoppers always read reviews before product or bought. Buyers are then enabled to make good buying decisions about products, models and brands.

This not only applies to in-store and Internet products being purchased. It also applies to consumers traveling, go out for an evening, shopping for the best place to get a hair cut. Any type of service can be scrutinized and reviewed dependent on the buyer's personal experience while receiving the service. Many of these review sites have changed from a simple review to now looking a lot more like consumer advocacy and reporting than ever before.

Businesses are also taking advantage of the impact reviews can have on a business or product by purchasing them those who bundle them and sell them for a fee. This information is invaluable to marketing firms, and businesses seeking ways to analyze the product market or seeking customer input into the product redevelopment phase. Some sites also provide the ability of businesses to automatically tweet good reviews of products and services.

Customer reviews affect sales. Huge savings can be achieved by shopping on the internet, and with these shopping experiences come reviews. Many more people are shopping on the Internet than in previous years and businesses are striving to create a promotional and business friendly environment.

Savings online, coupled with the level of convenience the Internet offers means businesses are paying more and more attention to Internet buying habits, and are understanding how their business is impacted. With this understanding businesses are focusing on consumer reviews to help them understand what the customer wants. Some may even be strongly focusing on them when they build product lines.

The line between virtual and real time shopping has now converged into a competition between the preference of being able to touch, view and select in-store, to the option of privacy, convenience and review. Online consumers can exercise the option to also purchase used merchandise, which presents an even larger savings. Some products upon release are now released on the Internet first, and in some cases are not available in stores at all.

For instance, some books, available for electronic download may not be available in store, especially if they are self-published only available in electronic format. In both of these cases, before purchasing, consumers can read reviews of items and decide individually if they want to purchase them. Reviews assist consumers in also control over the purchasing decisions of others since they can also leave reviews.

This intimate and personal purchasing experience is preferred by some. It might also mean the difference in the real world between huge and small business gets smaller on the internet as consumers focus on quality of the product. Reviews can sometimes ultimately lead to success or failure of business as others listen and heed their advice. Consumers may find they have much power in business and sales than they realized, and may communicate directly with CEO's and business developers without knowing it. This is especially true as businesses understand the unique and powerful nature of customer review sites.

This not only applies to in-store and Internet products being purchased. It also applies to consumers traveling, go out for an evening, shopping for the best place to get a hair cut.

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