Decor 101: All You Need To Know About Interior Decorating - By: Interior Decor101

Admit it, your room needs your attention. It either needs a lot of cleaning or total redecorating, but it surely needs your time.

With the fast pace of todayís daily living, it is truly hard sometimes to find time and since decorating is something that is perceived to require a lot of it (time), only a few people dives in to it. Another misconception is that it is always expensive because people think that one will need to buy new sets of furniture, fixtures, and all the other ingredients in decorating. Others who have enough resources can always get an interior decorating consultant, but for people who needs to keep the budget intact, decorating or redecorating then comes last in the list.

Here, we will try to remove those fears by first trying to explain the basic concepts of interior decorating so that one will no longer need to hire a professional interior decorating consultant; And then secondly, trying to list the options that one can do with his or her existing furniture, appliances and other things so that one will no longer have to shell out for expensive purchases.

By giving you the basic concepts and best practices in interior decorating, we are giving you the most important tools that you would need in decorating - the foundation. The rest will be up to you.

To get started, you need to settle down with a style. This will serve as your guide in deciding later on which colors to use, how to arrange your furniture, etc. The styles most commonly used are Casual and Country because both are flexible and use the simplest materials. In a casual style of decorating, it is best to use either all-cornered or all-rounded corners. This uniformity in edges brings a comfortable look and feel. Textured textile is also preferred over silk. In a country style of decoration, the key is to use earthy colors. Green and rustic shades are also great in a country look room. A few more styles are listed in, Getting Started with Style Selection.

Selecting the best paint job is also a major decision when starting with your interior decorating project. At this point, the advice is to buy latex or any paint that is high in quality. Cost may make you twitch a bit, but in the long run, painting your walls once with a good paint is far better than having to paint it twice or more times using the cheaper brand. Now, decide for two or three dominant shades. These three colors will cover most of your walls with variety. Donít forget to consider your working style. Also, another way to help you decide what color a color is to look for something in the room like a rug, carpet or a table center. Now, choose a color that will complement that object's color.

When selecting for shades, also keep in mind the size of your room. For smaller or tighter rooms, lighter shades are best because they make your room look bigger because lighter shades reflect light. For bigger, wider rooms, use dark shades to make it more cozy and comfortable. But if you are really on a tight budget, wallpapers are the best solution. For more great tips on interior decorating, check out

Happy Decorating!

Admit it, your room needs your attention. It either needs a lot of cleaning or total redecorating, but it surely needs your time.

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