Baja Land For Sale - By: Robert Stec

As a country, Mexico has shown considerable improvement both in terms of the growth rate, and also in terms of the development of real estate. Today Mexico has nearly 10-15 world famous tourist destinations that attract millions of tourists to Mexico each year. Some of the famous tourist destinations in Mexico include, Cabo, La Paz and also the "The Castle" in the Mayan city of Chichén-Itzá; which is part of the new seven wonders of the worlds. The reason for Mexico's success as a tourist destination is its fantastic climate, and the diversity that Mexico has to offer in terms of tourist activities and locales. From the white sand beaches of Cabo, to the rain forests of Chichén-Itzá.

The diversity that Mexico has to offer does not stop at just tourism, in terms of real estate Mexico has one of the most diverse architectural styles, and is an impressive blend of Mexican and international architectural styles, everything from a quaint villa, to a luxurious condo are available in various locations in Mexico. Today Mexico is experiencing a ten year high in terms of appreciation of real estate, and more and more foreign investors are not just buying, but investing in real estate and property all over Mexico. The most popular locales for investment are in places like Baja California and Baja California Sur, places like Cabo San Lucas, La Paz and San Jose Del Cabo are the hottest destinations to buy real estate and property.

The biggest advantage that Mexico has over other similar countries, is that Mexico is a free trade economy and it encourages purchase of property and real estate from overseas buyers, not only does this bring in precious foreign exchange but it also helps improve the standard of living in the areas that receive the investment. In fact towns like La Paz that are well known tourists hot spots, have one of the highest standard of living in Mexico. As the standard of living improves, so do the number of people who want to buy real estate and property. Its a win-win situation for both Mexico and the real estate and property buyers.

An additional advantage that Mexico has over other countries, is that Mexico has a fantastic blend of the young life and a laid back colonial style. The real estate available in Mexico is located in some of the most popular party spots, and at the same time there are some beautiful villas located in secluded spots. In addition to villas one of the most popular real estate presently is waterfront homes, waterfront homes and waterfront properties are immensely popular with overseas buyers, and many prominent personalities from the world over have a bought waterfront property in Mexico.

Just like any successful country, Mexico will soon reach a stage where it will become a developed country, the real estate industry by then would be well developed, and real estate and property prices would be considerably higher than they are today. So if anyone is considering investing in property or real estate in Mexico, now is the time to go ahead and make that investment; the appreciation in real estate is just one of the factors that should further strengthen the decision to buy real estate or property in Mexico.

San Jose del Cabo located south of the US border, is cut-off from the Mexican main land by the sea of Cortez (also called the Gulf of California). San Jose del Cabo is a popular tourist destination in its own right, and San Jose del Cabo offers a more exotic experience when compared to its cousin Cabo San Lucas. Known for its beautiful blue green ocean waters, and the brilliant vastness in terms of the landscape from desert locales, to white sand beaches. Most overseas buyers have invested heavily in both property and real estate in San Jose del Cabo, as a result there has been an amazing increase in the number of waterfront properties and villas that have come up all over San Jose del Cabo.

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