Cushman Truckster Small Engines; Learn About Repowering Your Small Engine - By: Ben Anton

When older model cars and trucks have engine failure, you rebuild or replace it. Why should it be any different for your small tractors, golf and utility carts? You can use a repower kit to get your small engine machines back in working order.

Cost vs. Savings
You donít have to repower your worn out engine, you could trade it in on a newer model, replace the engine with a used one, repair the broken or outdated pieces or install a new engine. You could buy a brand new engine for your 1970ís truck or replace the vehicle altogether but that doesnít always make sense.

Trading in a used Cushman Truckster utility cart may get you a shiny new model but youíll also have the payments of a new machine. With a troublesome motor, you may only see a few hundred dollars of trade-in value but youíll end up paying $10,000 or more for your new one. If you trade it in on a used cart, you may save some money but you may require more repair work down the line.

You could fix the engine damage and address only the current problem. This is a good idea if you have a pretty new and seldom used cart. A starter could cost $100 or more, a replacement cylinder twice that. Not to mention the time it takes to do the repair yourself or added cost of hiring a mechanic. Even then, thereís no guarantee another engine part wonít break down the very next time you start up your small engine equipment. If youíve put more than a couple thousand hours on your utility or golf cart engine itís probably time to repower it.

Once youíve determined itís time for a new engine, you have three main options: purchase a new one, find a used one or repower your existing engine.

If you swap a new engine for your old one, you are replacing it with the exact model that your machine originally shipped with. This stock engine will cost you more (thanks to the brand name) and offers no upgrade.

You can install a used engine but you may be purchasing a lemon and not know it for a while. You donít know how the previous owner or owners cared for or maintained the engine. In the long run, a used engine could be much more costly than a repowered or even a new engine.

When you choose to repower your engine, you will receive a completely remanufactured or rebuilt engine, fully compatible with your equipment. Some of the parts of a repowered engine are replaced completely and all parts are checked to ensure they exceed or meet the original standards set forth by the manufacturer. Repowered engines come with great warranties (like a new engine) with a cost savings because there are no new manufacturing costs (like a used one.)

Upgrade by Repowering
Another hidden benefit of repowering is the option to upgrade the power. While your Cushman Truckster may have come equipped with an 18 HP engine, you can upgrade to a 24 HP Honda small engine by repowering for just over $2000. This could mean incredible savings compared to buying a new cart just because you figured out you want a stronger motor.

We are all interested in saving money while maintaining quality equipment. Consider repowering your small engines when the time comes.

-Ben Anton 2007

This article explains the benefits of repowering your golf or utility cart, and the best ways to keep your small engine out of the ever growing landfills.

Ben Anton works and writes for Labworks Design, a Portland web design and marketing firm.
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