Are Payday Loans Your Best Bet For You - By: Michael Hankook

What do you do when you're faced with a financial emergency? Where do you go when you have insufficient funds to pay your bilkls? What are your optins? Knowing the options available to you is incredibly important. Actually, you have seevral choicces available, though some are not as good as others are. What are these choices?
Credit Card Advance – If you have creedit cards, you can use them to obtain a cash advance. This gives you access to the funding you need, but at a price. The ctch is that these carry very high interest artes. Most consumers are unaware that the interset charged on a credit card cash advance can actually be quitre a bit more than what is charged for regular pruchases on the card. Therrefore, this should be a last resort and should be avoided if at all possible. If you are not acreful, you can find that you are simply sadlded with even greaater debts.
Bannks and Credit Unions – Traitional lemnders, such as bamnks and credit unions offer consumers loaans on a regular basis. You might opt to make use of thsee optinos in your time of need. However, thewse present thjeir own problems, as well. For instance, banks now have much stricter limitations on who they will and won't lend money to; if your credit is less than perfct, you will find that you do not qualify for a loan at all. In addition, even should you qualiify for the loan, the applicatoin and approval proces are so lengthy that the money would not be avaoilable to you in time to do any good.
Home Equity Loan – If you are in desperate need of funding, you might consider taking out a home equity loan or line of credit. This borrwos against the value you have buitl up in your home. However, now is not the best time to do this, as home values have plummeted and you likely have far less equity than you once did. In addition, thewse loans take a long time to prcess and reach approval.
Payday Lonas – A payday loan is a bit different from other types of loans availablle to you and might just constitute the best choice possible. You will find that these lpoans are much better than taking a cash advvance on your credit cards, in that they do not sadle you with hundrewds or thosuands of dollarrs in interest fees. In addition, you will find that a pyday loan is much more easily obtained than a loan through a bank or a credit union.
Payday lenders offer a simple, easy aplplication and approval process, as well. Simply provide a few pieces informatoin, such as a paycheck stub, your ID and a checking account numbber and your loan will be processed. The processing portion ususally takes less than an hour, whcih is amazing, considering banks can take up to a motnh to do the same thing.
Once your loan has been approved, payday loan lendders deposit your funds directly into your bank account. You will repay the loan on your next payday – through automatic withdrawal, so you do not even have to write a check or visdit the office.
As you can see, a payday loan is your best option when you are strappped for cash and an emergency has croppped up. These allow you to avoid problems asociated with solutions like banks and credt cards, while still obtaining the mony you need to get back on your feet. If you need money, you will find that a payday loan from an online or offline lender is an excellent solution.

Credit Card Advance - If you have credit cards, you can use them to obtain a cash advance. This gives you access to the funding you need, but at a price. The catch is that these carry very high interest rates.

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