Gift Ideas for Different Occasions - By: Adesai

’’Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.’’
- Longfellow

Human beings are the best creations of god. They have been gifted with a heart which always feel for other fellow human beings, whether relatives, friends or other near and dear ones. There is a bond which binds humans in a common thread across the world. The message of “love” is dear to mankind and helps them to look at life with a spirit of optimism. Love can be expressed in a number of ways. Being there for dear ones in good and bad times, celebrating the niceties of life with each other or enriching lives with Gifts.

Life appears beautiful when one receives gifts from their near ones. In various occasions and events gifts are a must. They help in expressing words which are true to one’s heart. Gifts whether big or small, expensive or inexpensive, express what a million words cannot. Gifts help in uniting with near and dear ones during occasions and events. They transmit joy which touches every soul. However, uniform gifts are not appropriate for every occasion. Each occasion has its own characteristic which demands exclusive Gift Ideas. Ideas which can do justice to the emotions associated with every event. Gift Ideas which are charming and unique!

There are a number of Gift Ideas which can be tried out during occasions like Raksha Bandhan, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Diwali, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year Gifts and Durga Puja. Exclusive gifts can also be sent to your loved ones on personal events like Birthday and Anniversaries.

Special arrangements of flowers are an excellent gift idea to celebrate the occasion of life. Flowers have a language of their own which touches the heart. Different colours stand for different emotions. Red stands for love, passion, courage and respect, Pink stands for happiness, grace, gentility, confidence, admiration and thankfulness; Yellow symbolizes happiness, friendship and joy while Peach colour signifies enthusiasm, sweetness and desire. Roses, lilies, gerberas and orchids, whether red, pink, yellow or peach have a specialty of their own. They speak of love and happiness which enrich every moment of life. They are invaluable gifts for expressing that you care.

Deliciously baked cakes, yummy chocolates, tasty dry fruits, sweets and fruits are select gifts which can be sent to the ones who are close to your heart. They bring in rich taste sensations, a feeling of association and lots of joy.

Cakes come in different shape, colour and taste. They are one of the best gifts to light up any occasion. Cakes are a must for occasions like Birthdays and Anniversaries. Kids adore cakes especially if it can be made in different shapes like Train, Tweety, Harry Potter, Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, etc.

Chocolates are always a delicious option for sending gifts to dear ones in India. Sourced from some of the world famous brands like Fererro Rocher, Cadbury, Vochelle, Toblerone, chocolates are for precious moments. They entice and allure!

Dry Fruits as gifts are wonderful. Almonds, Pistachio, Cashew nut and other dry fruits are great to taste and add new spirit to life. Dry Fruits are not perishable products. They can be stored over a long time and the taste experience lingers on and on. The rich dry fruits will remind your loved ones of you and your feelings.

Nothing can beat sweets as gifts. They add sweetness to life. Badam Barfi, Gulabjamun, Kaju Gujiya, Kesaria Peda and Rasgulla are exclusive gifts for dear ones. They are tempting and mouth watering.

Nutritious fruits stand out as a gift to your treasured ones. They offer the nourishing quality of Mother Nature. A basket filled with seasonal fruits offer an unforgettable delight. A happiness which is hard to beat!

Exceptional human beings deserve extraordinary gifts. A single gift is not just adequate for them. Gift Hamper comprising of an assortment of gifts is a viable option! Gift Hampers convey a lot. They appeal to multiple emotions. A Gift Hamper comprising of an assortment of chocolates is a special gift for every body, notwithstanding their age. It is source of delight for the teenager and an older person. Appealing to the sweet and tender emotion, chocolate hamper is a beauty! Gift comprising of cakes, chocolates and flowers can brighten the mood in the morning of Valentine’s Day for lovers. This gift hamper is also a perfect gift for occasions like Christmas, Diwali, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and New Year! Flowers and fruits in a hamper create a charm which is special. The purity of flowers with the nutritional value of fruits is perfect for any event. They are all about unending joy. Sweets are delicious and are a must in any major occasion. Imagine a hamper consisting of sweets and chocolates! Simply irresistible! Gift Hampers can be many, each with its uniqueness and emotional value. They add to the beauty of life and make every bit of it enjoyable.

There are times in life when you reside in a distant place from that of your dear ones. You are not in a position to know his or her likes and dislikes. Gift Vouchers are a safe bet in such situations. They offer the liberty to choose according to ones own choice. A special gift indeed! Some of your loved ones adore to shop for fashionable apparels and other accessories. Shoppers Stop, Wills Lifestyle, Reebok, Pantaloons, John Players, Adidas and Big Bazaar Gift Vouchers are an exclusive gift for them. For food connoisseurs Gift Vouchers from the Taj Hotel, Dominos and Café Coffee Day are like a dream come true! A special woman can always be presented with Gili and Kaya Skin Clinic Gift Vouchers. You can also keep your near and dear ones in vogue by gifting them a Titan Gift Voucher.

Gifts can be segregated according to age group and gender. Soft Toys, different learning aids and dolls are good for the kids. Cosmetics, greeting card, fashion jewellery, trendy watches and apparels can be gifted to young men and women. Electronics, tea set, shirts, sarees, photo frames and showpieces are ideal for your parents. Perfumes and fascinating mobiles are liked by all.

While sending gifts to your precious ones in India the price range of the products are always a cause of concern. Gifts should be such that they suit the budget of every body. Emotions are inherent to all human beings and the price of a product can never be a bar to expression of feelings. By normal standards, an assortment of flowers, fruits, sweets, chocolates, showpieces, dry fruits, crockery items and greeting cards can be exclusive gifts to India. Those who are interested in high end gifts can go for Special Gift Vouchers, Gift Hampers, Sarees, range of Cosmetics, Jewellery, world class Perfumes, Watches and Mobile Phones. At the end of the day it is the message that matters and gifts act as agent delivering the message!

Gift Ideas can be numerous. It depends on the extent to which a person feels for the other. The gifts are just one of the avenues through which he or she gives expression to his or her feelings. A marvelous way to say, “You mean the world to me.” Gifts are all about emotions, emotions which are precious and priceless.

This article is about a number of Gift Ideas which can be tried out during occasions like Raksha Bandhan, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Diwali and many more. Make your dear ones happy with unique gift ideas.

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