How the festival of Rakhi is celebrated in India - By: Adesai

Indian festivals have a different fervor because there is a lot of celebration, family gatherings, exchange of gifts and sweets, singing and dancing. Raksha Bandhan is no exception. It is the time of the year when brothers and sisters come nearer to express the special feelings which they reserve for each other. The tying of Raksha thread on the hand of the brother by the sister is an auspicious occasion. The event is mainly celebrated in North and Western regions of India but has prevalence all over the country. The merriment varies with region but the spirit is the same everywhere.

On this eventful day the preparations start early morning with every member of the house coming together to worship the deities. After asking for blessings from god the sister performs aarti, puts chawal and tika on the forehead of the brother and ties rakhi in the midst of chanting of mantras. The sister then offers him gifts and sweets. The brother vows to protect her from all hardships and also offers her sweets and gifts. The Raksha Bandhan ceremony ends heralding the beginning of day long celebrations.

The family members come together to enjoy tasty dishes, gifts, sweets and lot of other pleasantries. The brothers and sisters who could not meet often because of long distances bridge all gap by sending e-cards, rakhi greeting cards and rakhis through different websites. The preparation for the grand event start days in advance. The market places are flooded with colourful rakhis. Garment shops dress up with fresh fashions to cater to the needs of innumerable customers. Other places like the sweet shops and the gift stores also don a festive look. There is happiness in the air which signals the arrival of unforgettable times.

As mentioned earlier the festival of Rakhi is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. In the state of Gujarat Rakhi is celebrated as Pavitropana. On the day of the event prayers are offered to Lord Shiva. The ceremony is held to ask for forgiveness against past misdeeds or sins. As part of the ritual a cotton thread is soaked in the mixture of cow ghee, milk, urine, excreta and curd called panchagaivya and is wrapped around the Shivalinga to seek heavenly grace. In the southern states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Raksha Bandhan is known as Avani Avittam. It is an auspicious day when people ask for atonement of the past sins. The festival of Rakhi is known by Kajari Purnima or Shravani in the states of Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar. One of the important features of this festival is that the womenfolk initiate the beginning by bringing earth in a leaf cup on the day of Shravan Shukla Navami. The final worship is held in the evening of the full moon day. Rakhi assumes the name of Nariyal Purnima on the western part of India. Celebrated in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa with lot of gaiety this festival is of much importance.

The Rakhi thread today has also undergone a lot of transformation. Their designs have become highly attractive. There are beautiful precious rakhis, kid rakhi, bhaiya bhabi rakhi and the like for unforgettable times! A kid rakhi can be fascinating and a precious rakhi can capture the imagination. Each richly decorated rakhi convey the heartfelt emotions which make the occasion special. A gold rakhi to India or a silver rakhi to India are a priceless gift. A gold rakhi to India is laced with golden feelings which enrich the heart of a sister. A silver rakhi to India is a priceless gift which can convey the intensity of feelings like no other!

Near and dear ones send rakhi to India to express their inner feelings. Each and every rakhi to india is a messenger of love. It is a special occasion when all come nearer to celebrate one of the most pristine relations.

This article is about how the festival of Rakhi is celebrated in India. The different forms of celebration during the event and its true essence.

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