Rakhi - The Thread That Protects - By: Adesai

Raksha Bandhan is one of the important Indian festivals which capture the true spirit of the relationship between a brother and sister. Raksha means to “protect” and Bandhan stands for “bond.” Hence, Rakhi is known as the protection bond. Every year on the day of the festival a sister ties the Rakhi thread on the hand of the brother and prays for his wellbeing and long life. The brother in turn promises to protect her all his life. It is a sacred Hindu event which is held on "Shravan Sud Poornima". Rakhi for India and Indians is the day to celebrate love in one of it’s pristine forms.

From historical times Rakhi has been considered as protection bond. In the Mahabharata, there is reference to this auspicious event. Yudhisthira asked Lord Sri Krishna how to protect himself from the approaching dangers in life. Krishna advised him to observe the Rakshaa Ceremony. There is also a reference to Rakhi acting as a protection bond in the Vedic Period. Indra, the king of the deities was engaged in a severe battle with the demons. As the battle unfolded the deities were continuously being driven backwards and Indra was worried about the result. Then Indrani, wife of Indra prepared a talisman and tied it around the right wrist of Indra. The talisman protected him in the battle and he finally won it. Since then the talisman was called “Raksha Sutra” because of its power to protect.

Around 300 B.C. Alexander invaded India and was thwarted by King Puru in his first attempt. This was really upsetting for Alexander’s wife and she approached King Puru to tie a Rakhi in his hand. King Puru accepted Alexander’s wife as her sister and vowed not to harm her husband in the battle. Thus the Rakhi thread protected Alexander’s life.

In modern times Rakhi threads were tied across the hands of the freedom fighters to protect them in the tough battle ahead for the liberation of the country. With time, festival of tying Rakhi on the hand of the brother by sister evolved manifold but the real essence of the event never lost its sheen. It is one of the most important festivals in India during which sisters ask for protection and love from their brothers. For a sister this commitment from their brother is very important because it makes them feel secured in the journey of life. On the day of the occasion a Puja is performed in the beginning and then the sister applies tilak on the forehead of the brother and performs an arti. She then ties the Rakhi on the hand of her brother and asks for divine blessings for him. The brother expresses his gratitude for his sister and makes a pledge to shield her from all hardships in life.

Raksha Bandhan is the day for unending celebrations and merriment. Not only the brothers and sisters but all the family members come together for one of the best times. Delicious dishes are prepared in the home and sweets flow in plenty. The Rakhi threads come in attractive design and colours. There are a number of gifts which are exchanged during the time like jewellery , cosmetics , showpieces and the like. Rakhi for India is a big affair. It is the time for reuniting with ones who are close to ones heart. Sisters send rakhi to India to express their inner feelings for their brothers. Sending rakhi to india to brothers is a source of immense happiness. A rakhi website is always of big demand on the days to the run up of the event. Brothers and sisters go through a rakhi website to have their pick from a number of attractive rakhis and rakhi gifts.

Rakhi collections are huge starting from zardoshi rakhi, pearl rakhi, gold rakhi, silver rakhi and many more. The numbers are bolstered with each passing year because of the new variants which flood the market. Sisters can send a rakhi to India to their brothers choosing from a wide collection. The rakhi thread reassures her of her brother’s protection all her life. It is not just that a sister send a rakhi to her brother to show that she care. A rakhi has more attached to it. She parts with a slice of her heart which remains forever with her sweet brother.

This article discusses the importance attached with a rakhi thread and what the day of Raksha Bandhan means to brothers and sisters. How from the historical times rakhi has evolved as protection bond.

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