Mothers Day Gift Ideas - By: Adesai

In your life one word is special. It is the word which resides every time in your heart. The word is “Mother”! You feel her presence every time no matter wherever you are. She is always charming and kind. Her life revolves around your wellbeing. For her the whole world is on one side and your happiness in on one side. Her heart is always big and her big heart always feels big for you. On Mother’s Day you get a divine opportunity to send gifts to your mother. Gifts which express the rich feelings which you nurture in your heart for her! There are a number of Gift Ideas which can be tried out to celebrate this festival of “Motherhood”. Gift Ideas which make your mother feel that you are always there.

Holding a Picnic

You can make your mother feel special by arranging for a picnic to a beautiful destination. On that day prepare the food all by yourself for your mom. Arrange for dishes which are lip smacking and tasty. Let her unwind herself. She desperately needs a refreshing break from mundane life!

A Memorable Trip Down Memory Lane

The bond that you share with your mother is inseparable. There are a lot of sweet memories which revolve around you and your mother. A trip down the memory lane is special. Talk with your mother about your childhood days and the pranks that you played. Have a good laugh over your exploits. It is a delicate gift for your mom which can bring tears of happiness on her eyes.

Go out for Dinner

Add a distinct flavour to the life of your mother by taking her out for dinner. You can choose a restaurant which offers exotic cuisine. Enjoy a meal together and talk your heart out. It is always suggested that you go to a restaurant which she likes.

Send her Flowers

Flowers are a wonderful gift for your mother because they carry the essence of love with them. Flowers are a luxury and a source of immense pleasure around the room. You can make things better by sending a personal message with the bouquet of flowers. It’s your way of lighting up the day for mom!

Meaningful Gifts

Gifts for your mother need to be meaningful. Whether big or small, gifts for mother must be full of love and care. A Mother’s Day DVD is a unique gift. It is a special way of celebrating a wonderful creation of god. Jewellery items can also be exclusive gifts for her because they are the pride of a lady. They add new meaning to her style statement. Kitchen appliances which make her day to day work easier are also good gifts. Nowadays you come across a number of fascinating kitchen appliances . A special range of cosmetics are always great for your mom. They provide a tender care to her skin and body.

Music CDs and Books

Soulful music soothes the whole human system. Music CDs of songs which your mother really admires are gifts of love. They relieve her from stress and give her a new found vigor to take life head on. Interesting books are always a pleasure to read. It’s a gift to your mother which she is sure to treasure close to her heart.

Gifting her Cards

Cards are never an expensive gift but they express more than a number of expensive gifts put together. They have your magical words written on them. A distinct way of expressing your love for your mother.


You can make the days to the run of Mother's Day special by sending Serenades to your mom. There can be 7 day Serenades, 3 day Serenades and 2 Day Serenades to gift to your sweet mother. The Serenades are loaded with exclusive gifts which convey the way you feel!

Sarees and Salwar

Nothing defines the beauty of an Indian lady like a Saree . Its a majestic gift for your mother. Sarees of different designs and colours add a different flavour to occasions. Salwars are a colourful gift. With fresh fashions coming up from time to time Salwars will make your mother look stunning.

Cakes are a wonderful gift. They are creamy, yummy and full of love. Cakes come in different shapes and tastes. You can send your mother a range of cakes and bring a smile to her face.

Gift Ideas for Mothers Day may be many because you want to present the world under her feet. Ideas just not end! Send gifts to your mother and fill her life with unending happiness. She is worth all of them!

This article discusses at length different gift ideas which can be tried out on Mothers Day. Send gifts to your mother and express your love.

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