Serviced Apartments vs Hotels in Bucharest, The corporate apartment alternative. - By: Author

When planning a vacation or leisure trip, one may automatically think of taking his/her family (or just yourself) and checking into a luxury hotel. With so many holiday packages out there, it's easy to get sucked into that frame of thinking. And in the long run, one can often get the best vacation deals by going that way. Still, there are other lodging options one might wish to explore.

For travellers who have extended stays in a single locale, there are alternatives to hotels. When David Desouza was hired by HDS Pharmaceuticals in Bucharest as a consultant for a few months, the company put him up in a corporate apartment, per his request.

Desouza prefers a corporate apartment to a hotel. "When you're here for more than a week, it's very nice to have a sense of home," says Desouza, who hails from Maui. He likes the extra room, a full kitchen, and a washer for his laundry. And it was especially nice to have the apartment when his wife visited several times during his extended stay.

If someone prefers to be surrounded by the busy night life, shopping centres, museums, clubs, theatres, restaurants, he/she can find a place of their choice and the local attractions near that serviced apartment or luxury hotel (perhaps an apartment near National Theatre or University Square in Bucharest and many other Central Bucharest Apartments).

Renting a Serviced Apartments in Bucharest, for instance, offer many modern amenities and facilities that the majority of luxury hotels do not. Serviced Apartments provides you with fully equipped kitchens with self-catering facilities, single and double bedrooms, a living room with pullout sofa beds and bathrooms. One can find serviced apartments in Bucharest and will get the ultimate in privacy for his/her vacations.

There are a few limitations to self catering flats in comparison to hotel rooms in Romania’s capital city, Bucharest. Firstly, finding just the right place can involve more internet research than simply booking through a website that offers hotel reservations. Secondly, most Serviced Apartments don't come with housekeeping facilities. The premises will be clean when you, but don't expect anyone to come in and change your sheets every day; although a two times a week cleaning service is available in most of the short or long term rental apartments in Bucharest.

The last thing to be mentioned here is the overall ambiance of these Apartments versus luxury hotels. With luxury hotels, one gets pretty much the same thing no matter which part of the world you visit. This can be good for those who don't like change, but if anyone want to stay somewhere that embraces the culture of the local area, they are more likely to find that in a Serviced Apartment. Serviced Apartments are cozier and friendlier than the starkness of most hotel rooms.

As you can see, there are pros and cons for both luxury hotels and Serviced Apartments, corporate or vacation apartments being with a at-home environment, cheap price and self-catering facilities, have an advantage over hotels. Make sure to look around and collect all information about short stay or long stay accommodation in Bucharest before deciding where to spend the vacations.

Luxury corporate apartments in Bucharest are growing in popularity. Listed below are just some major reasons why you should choose a luxury serviced apartments over a hotel for your business and leisure travels.

1. A Place to Live Not Just to Stay – Luxury serviced apartments in Bucharest, also known as aparthotels, corporate housing and extended stay hotels offer travellers somewhere to live rather than just a place to stay. Hotels are, for the most part, impersonal in feel but a luxury serviced apartment in Bucharest becomes a home - making for a more enjoyable stay.

2. Ideal for Business Travellers – For visitors who are relocating to Bucharest, working on a contract, executives on a short visit or colleagues travelling together, a corporate serviced apartment is perfect. Avoiding the hotel feel and enjoying amenities such as broadband, flat panel TV, digital or cable channels and a fully fitted kitchen at an all-inclusive price, business travellers stay becomes an exceptional experience in Bucharest.

3. Freedom, and More Space, Lifestyle Advantages – A hotel room can cramp your style but a luxury executive apartment in Bucharest lets you entertain the way you want to. It’s just like having your own space and it makes meetings, events, and having family over easier (especially if you are relocating) with separate spaces for living, sleeping, eating, relaxing, and working.

4. The Feel Good Factor – This can be a huge benefit during relocation to Bucharest. The first few weeks or months in a new country can be difficult and disorienting. Renting a serviced apartment with the space and amenities of home to smooth that adjustment is increasingly recognised as an enlightened investment that pays back in motivation and effectiveness.

5. Save Money – Luxury serviced apartments in Bucharest are a great economic as well as lifestyle decision. Rates are per apartment and not per person so there can be significant financial savings. Luxury corporate apartments feature fully equipped kitchens – obviating the need to eat out all the time.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of luxury hotels and Serviced Apartments in Bucharest. Alia Accommodation Bucharest will explain which makes more sense for a vacation, business or leisure trip.

The Author is a contributing writer to the website owned by Alia Accommodation which provides Serviced Apartments rental in Bucharest city center. In terms of room supply, the market of the serviced apartments for rent in Bucharest saw a sharp increase in supply reflecting its increasing popularity.