Miniataure Dachshund's Journal - By: Louie

I am a miniature Dachshund. I may be small but my attitude is huge. My mom is a wonderful person and I am totally in love with her. However, when she goes out of town, she leaves me with her mom, my grandma. Grandma has two dogs. Babe is a Doberman/Shepherd cross and Mercedez is a Dalmatian/Black Lab cross. Zack is a big Doberman that belongs to a friend of my mom's. I love Zack. He thinks I'm his parent. This journal is about the times I have been left at Grandma's. It is written to my mom. If you read my whole journal, there is a special treat for you at the end.

Day 1

I thought you might enjoy knowing my innermost thoughts so I decided to keep a journal. I saw you packing your big suitcase and knew you were going to go see Zack and I was so excited to go with you. Then you and your friend and your great big suitcases got out of the car and you said "Bye, Louie, Stay". My heart sank - I just can't live without you, Mom. I mean, Gramma's o.k. But she's not like you. She lets me cry. She pushes me away. She doesn't keep me warm. And sometimes she's mean. I was so sad - I cried all the way home and then I ran upstairs and jumped in our bed and went to sleep for the whole day. I miss you already but you will be home soon, I am sure.

Day 2

Well, today Gramma said I could come with her to the big city and just when we were going to leave, Babe smelled that great big dog walking up on the big road and she ran out the door. Gramma ran after her in her high heels and she was calling her and everything but Babe didn't listen - she wanted to play with the big dog and she ran all the way down the street to that really big house where all the cars are parked that I like to bark at. Mercedez and I laughed so hard we almost peed. Finally Gramma came home holding Babe by the neck and she looked mad and tired. We stopped laughing so we wouldn't hurt her feelings and besides, I wanted to go to the city.

After a few minutes in the car I had to go poo and Gramma wouldn't stop the car. I cried and cried and she just kept going. So, I let out a big smelly fart and that got her attention. She pulled over the car just in time. I really had to go.

It was cold out so Gramma put my sweater on me. I hate it. It makes me look like a girl. Every time Gramma got out of the car, I took my sweater off. It was fun. Then she would put it back on me and sometimes my feet got all tangled up. But she knew I was cold so she was trying to keep me warm.

It was a long day in the car but sometimes when Gramma stopped, she let me run around and smell things. Sometimes, her friends were there. They are so ANNOYING. They want to touch me and talk to me and I just want them to go away. I need to smell things and stuff.

One time, Gramma stopped at the store and the sun was shining bright so I climbed up in the back window and was getting all-warm and snuggly when she came back to the car. She didn't see me and she freaked. She looked under the blanket and on the floor and she was breathing heavy - it was so funny. Then she saw me and laughed. It is so nice up there in the sunshine.

We got home and had dinner and now I am going to go sleep with Babe and Mercedez. They wanted to hear all about my day. So, I guess I will have to tell them what they missed.

Day 3

It was a quiet day at home. I slept most of the day. Sometimes I slept on Gramma's lap but mostly in our bed - I can still smell you there. Gramma took me and the big girls for a long walk and we all pooed. I stepped in it - Gramma had to clean my feet. If I'm not careful, she might want to give me a bath. Ugh!!

Day 4

Today I stayed in bed all day. When Gramma came home I didn't even go out to go pee. I just wanted to sleep. It is so cold out and wet - I hate it. I can't wait until I can lay in the sun again. I snuggled with my big sister, Mercedez. She is so nice to me. I think she likes me a lot. No matter what she is doing, she lets me snuggle her. She is big and warm. She told me that she is jealous when I always get to go in the car. She used to go in the car all the time when she was little. Now, nobody takes her and she wishes so much that she could. But, that's o.k. with me - I am just glad I get to go places - of course, I didn't tell her that. It would have hurt her feelings.

Day 5

Today Gramma took us for two walks. Guess what Mom? I HAVEN'T HAD ONE ACCIDENT IN THE HOUSE since you left. I am going for a new record! Aren't you proud of me?

Grandpa got home tonight - well, that is almost as good as you coming home. I love him so much and he always holds me close and likes to sleep with me. I curl up on his big belly and it is so warm and soft - almost as nice as curling up with Mercedez. I ran upstairs and got my bone rattle toy that was under your bed and I brought it to him. I know how much he likes to play with me. We played and played - it was so much fun. Then I cuddled up on his belly and went to sleep. I dreamed of you.

Day 6

Today Gramma took us for a long run - the girls haven't run in over a week cuz Grandma's truck wasn't working. It was so much fun - we ran and ran and I got all hot and tired. I don't understand why Gramma doesn't run with us - she just sits in the truck.

Day 7

Today Gramma was gone all day from when it was dark this morning. I stayed with Grandpa and he held me a lot. Then tonight when Grandpa and Gramma were watching a movie, I went downstairs and had a pee. I don't know why I did it - I knew Gramma would be mad - and SHE WAS. I felt bad but I'm so cute you gotta love me.

Gramma took us for another big run when she got home tonight. I love running with the girls - makes me feel so big. Hope you are having a lot of fun Mom because I really, really miss you.

Day 8

Guess what happened this morning. It was early and dark outside and gramma took us out for a pee in her nightgown and Mercedez got OUT of her leash and ran to bark at the neighbor and also the lady walking her dog up there. Well, I barked really loud just like a big dog. Gramma had to chase us in her nightie and it was so funny.

Well, it is time for you to come home now. Tonight I went upstairs to OUR room and got into my travel bag - I want to go where you are. I pushed the bag down the stairs to show Gramma I want to go see you now. I miss you so much.

Day 9

Well, it was an eventful day. Gramma took us for a run and Mercedez chased something down the big mountain. She couldn't get back up. Gramma didn't know what to do - her and Babe and me stood on the edge and called her - she crawled up the big hill and fell. She was so tired - stupid dog - always chasing stuff - I never do that!!

Then Gramma and Grandpa went out in the evening and I pooped in the house. When Grandpa got home he didn't see it and stepped in it. I hid under the bed and they couldn't find me. I knew I was in trouble. Grandpa was really mad - Gramma was glad she didn't have to clean it up. I'm sorry but I couldn't help it.

Every morning, the first thing I do when I get up is stand by the refrigerator and cry. For several days Gramma would give me a pill and some cheese - it was great - but she doesn't do that any more no matter how good I am or how long I cry by the refrigerator - I wonder why.

Day 10

Oh my goodness - what a big day this was. I am such a happy boy. First Gramma took us up the mountain and this time I didn't get to run up the mountain but she let me run all the way down -- that means that I could run real fast and keep up with the big girls. They were tired, so that helped. It was so, so, so much fun. And guess what, Mom? Guess what - guess what - guess what??? Mercedez and me found a skull - it was buried under a big rock - Babe didn't find it but I did - it was ugly - Gramma said YUK.

Gramma gave me a bath - I didn't like that and I cried the whole time but she wrapped me in a blankie and Grandpa held me - that was cool. Grandpa kept saying all day "Zack is coming, Zack is coming". I could hardly stand the excitement. Could it be true?

THEN, around dinnertime - guess what? Zack and daddy came. I just about peed myself. It was so exciting. I am so happy. Daddy took me to McDonalds and I had 4 McNuggets - my absolute FAVE!! It was such a good day. Zack didn't play with me but I know he needs me to take care of him and I got to sleep with him. Life just couldn't be any better unless you were here Mom. Are you ever coming back? Why didn't you come with Zack and Daddy? I don't understand.

Day 11

Today I got up real early and me and Zack and daddy went to the city. I got some more chicken McNuggets for breakfast. I was a good boy. It was nice to get away from Grammas and feel like I was traveling again with you, Mom. Are you ever coming home? Have you left me forever?

Zack and me came back to Grandma's tonight and we played and ate and I told the big dogs about my day. They were jealous. They NEVER go anywhere - Losers!!

Day 12

This morning Gramma tried to sneak out with the dogs to go for a run cuz I was sleeping in our bed upstairs BUT I have really good ears and I heard them and started crying so she had to take me. Good thing she did - I always tell the girls where to run and what to sniff. I'm so close to the ground I always find the fun things to sniff. I almost rolled in something really neat but Gramma yelled at me and I had to stop. Darn!!

I didn't sleep very well tonight - I was up a lot - I thought I heard you or Zack coming home.

Day 13

All right, I think you have been gone long enough. It is now time to come get me. I'm ready to roll. I have gained some weight and doing much better than when you saw me last. Is that why you left me? Was I too skinny? Too sick? I'm all better now and I want to see you. I love you and I miss you so much.

Guess what Mom? Daddy picked me up tonight - I was so excited. He said we were going to get you. What does that mean? Where are you? You aren't with Zack. I can't find you. Where are you? Are you o.k.?

Day 14

We went on a big trip today - Zack had to stay home. We came to a tollbooth and they asked daddy some questions but they wouldn't give me a treat. I am so cute and sweet - why didn't they give me a treat?

I just hope I see you soon - I don't know how much longer I can stand being away from you. I love you, Mom

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I am a miniature Dachshund. I may be small but my attitude is huge. My mom is a wonderful person and I am totally in love with her. However, when she goes out of town, she leaves me with her mom, my grandma. Grandma has two dogs. Babe is a Doberman/Shepherd cross and Mercedez is a Dalmatian/Black Lab cross. Zack is a big Doberman that belongs to a friend of my mom's. I love Zack. He thinks I'm his parent. This journal is about the times I have been left at Grandma's.

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