Beginner's Guide To Buying A Metal Detector - By: John Tasher

Becoming a treasure hunter, as metal detector enthusiasts like to call themselves, is fairly easy. But it can be a very expensive hobby. Metal detectors can cost between several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The best advice that can be given to someone new to treasure hunting is to buy used equipment first. The best time to do this is when new model metal detectors come out. In order to do this you really have to have your timing down. It is not every day that new models come out. But, if your timing is right you can get a substantial discount off the retail price by purchasing an older model.

You could also look for providers of discounted metal detectors. There are many reasons why you might be able to purchase a metal detector at a discounted price while not compromising quality. One of the most prominent reasons for discounted prices is warranty repairs that have been released back onto the market. These are metal detectors that were returned due to a manufacture defect. It has now been fixed and is literally the same as those just out of the box. But, it canít be sold like new.

Another reason you might be able to purchase a metal detector at a lower than retail price is because it was some how blemished during the manufacture process. These blemishes are all cosmetic and do not affect the operation of the device. So, buying a discounted metal detector is not a bad thing. But, how do you choose which metal detector to buy. When looking to buy a metal detector that is right for you there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, you need to ask yourself what you will be looking for and where you will be looking for it. There are certain types of metal detectors that are design to look for specific types of metal, like gold. But, the biggest difference here is where you would like to use the metal detector. With metal detectors it is all about terrain. If you buy a metal detector not designed for your terrain, it will work, but not as well as if it was desgined for that specific terrain. For instance you would not want to use a metal detector designed for use under water on the beach nor would you want to use a metal detector designed for use on the beech in hilly terrain.

Another item to consider is the duration, type and expense of the battery used. It could be the best metal detector in the world but if it only lasts for a half hour then it is worthless. Moreover, if you are having to change the batteries all of the time you are going to want to buy a good number of batteries. If those batteries are very expensive then that particular make of metal detector may not be worth it no matter how cheap it is. With batteries you also have to consider availability. So what if the batteries are cheap, if you can not get them where you live or are going they might as well be the expensive type.

Last but not least, you should consider weight and comfort. If the metal detector is too heavy or is uncomfortable to hold you will be less likely to use it. Well at least have fun using it.

Just make your choice wisely. Think about how and where you are going to use your metal detector. Think about how you are going to power it. Then you should be able to make a decent decision about which metal detector to buy.

Practical guide to choosing a metal detector to buy. Different terrain and what you are looking for will affect your decision

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