Free PR Anyone? - By: Keyclicks

Yes, I did say “free”. Advertising and publicity doesn’t have to mean pawning the photocopier, you just have to spot the opportunity and pick your moment

Press and magazine advertising card rates are out of reach for a lot of companies, plus this premium space gives you little room to get your message across and minimal control over who sees it.

So, why not submit a press release to your local paper(s)? Submitting a press release is free and gives you a captive audience to inform who you are, what your company does and to whom along with your specific news story and contact details. How good is that? Imagine how many of your potential and existing customers will see this. After all, good marketing agency is about creating a sale and reaching first base is about letting people know you exist.

The business pages of many local papers are followed devoutly by many of your customers and have enormous credibility. Did it ever occur to you that most articles you read in the press are well crafted PR? In my youth, as a graduate trainee in the early 1990’s, it took a while for the penny to drop that local papers need articles submitting by their reader community; each time I had a press release featured for my firm I thought I’d achieved a major PR triumph.

When I ask clients if they’ve ever issued a press release to the local press the common response is “We can’t do that, we wouldn’t know where to start” or “We’ve got nothing newsworthy”. Much of this is the lack of skill, time and resources to write a press release and straight forward modesty and shyness. If you fall into the latter categories, here are some simple guidelines to help you:

• Look through the stories in your local press business pages for inspiration
• Ensure you can demonstrate how your story impacts the wider business community but try and include something out of the ordinary where you can
• Press releases are usually submitted by email/fax to the relevant editorial department
• Always include a photo to support the press release; a high resolution .jpeg image is preferred or arrange for a press photographer to come out to you
• Above all, move fast, you and the press don’t want to submit old news so don’t lose your moment

Olivia Midgley, reporter from the Spenborough Guardian the local paper for the Spen Valley area, adds “A good press release contains all the information a journalist needs to write an engaging and informative web design article - ensure the classic five We have been answered (where, why, what, when, who). Local papers like the Spenborough Guardian, will only cover a certain patch, therefore it is essential that any press release is relevant to the areas it covers. Press releases need to appeal to the general reader rather than just the business community, as their message needs to reach as many people as possible.”

Repetition increases the impact of your company’s PR as recognition grows for your brand so try and submit press releases on a regular basis. For a little time you can achieve so much more for so much less compared to running advertisements throughout the year. If you do choose to pay for an advert, why not upgrade to an “advertorial” feature space which gives you the opportunity to place some editorial about your company next to the advert and even a photo.

If you’d like to issue a press release but can’t face putting the copy text together, Keyclicks will write an interesting and informative release for you in a quick turn around time. Plus we have up to date contacts with the local press to maximise the chance of your story being featured.

Press and magazine advertising card rates are out of reach for a lot of companies, plus this premium space gives you little room to get your message across and minimal control over who sees it.

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