All That You Need To Know To Pass A California Insurance Exam Successfully. - By: Lara Newcomb

Who Takes the California Insurance Exams?

The type of insurance you would like to sell will determine which California insurance license you will obtain. There are three main insurance licenses in California (Life-Only Agent, Accident and Health and Fire and Casualty). The Life-Only and Accident and Health insurance licenses will allow you to sell life and health insurance (including annuities). The Fire and Casualty insurance license will allow you to sell all other types of insurance (including personal lines and commercial lines). If you are only going to be selling personal lines and NOT commercial lines then you can take the Personal Lines only exam. If you are only going to be selling personal lines auto insurance you can obtain the Auto Limited lines license.

What are the pre-licensing requirements for the various California Insurance licenses?

California Life Only - 20-Hours + 12-Hours specific to Ethics and Code
California Accident and Health Only - 20-Hours + 12-Hours specific to Ethics and Code
You can obtain both licenses above and take a combined exam by completing our 40-Hour Life and Health Agent course (plus 12-Hours of Ethics and Code) and scheduling to take the combined exam.
California Fire and Casualty - 40-Hours + 12-Hours specific to Ethics and Code
California Personal Lines - 20-Hours + 12-Hours specific to Ethics and Code
California Auto Limited Lines - 20-Hours + 12-Hours specific to Ethics and Code

The 12-Hour Ethics and Code course only has to be completed once. Pre-license education can be obtained through a live class, or online.

Are the Insurance Exams different state to state?

Yes! Be very careful when preparing for your exam to make sure the material you study is California specific. There are many insurance schools out there that offer generic study materials that are NOT specific to the CA exam. The course you study MUST be California specific. Our online courses were created specifically to satisfy the California pre-license requirement and prepare you to pass your California insurance exam on your first attempt.

What content do the California Insurance tests cover?

The California insurance tests are very broad. The California Department of Insurance creates and published exam outlines that are referred to as “Educational Objectives” for each exam. You can view and print the Educational Objectives for each and every exam by typing “Educational objectives” into the search box on the California Department of Insurance website homepage at All of our course content was created to reflect the most recent copy of the California Educational Objectives.

Do I need a sponsor to take a California Insurance exam?

No. You do not need a sponsor. In order to sell insurance in California you do need to be appointed by an insurer. However, you do not need to be appointed to schedule your exam.

How do I schedule my insurance exam?

You can schedule your exam prior to completing our online pre-licensing course. This way you can ensure the date you select is shortly after your completion of our course so the information is still fresh in your mind. You will schedule your exam on the California Department of Insurance website ( You must fill out an electronic license application and pay both your licensing fee and testing fee during registration. Once the DOI has received your application and fees they will notify you via e-mail that you can select a test date on their site. You can obtain more detailed information about scheduling your exam by typing “FLASH” into the search box on the California Department of Insurance website.

What should I bring to the test center the day of my Insurance Exam?

You should bring your Key Facts from our California Insurance Licensing course to re-read just prior to going in to take your California insurance exam. This will load your memory for the test. They will provide you with a pen/pencil, scratch paper, and basic function calculator at the test site. Make sure to write down your cheat sheet on your scratch paper when you sit down at your cubicle prior to starting your insurance license test. This will allow you to refer back to it whenever you need to during the exam.

If I don’t pass is there any waiting period that applies before I can retake the insurance licensing exam?

No, there is no waiting period before you can re-test. However, each time a candidate retakes the exam another full testing fee is required ($41 for most exams).

Useful information that you need to know to pass an insurance exam successfully.

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