How to throw an amazing party - By: jaydanm

I personally know of nobody that does not enjoy cutting loose and enjoying a fun party. In fact as people we create and make up reasons to get together with our friends and have a great time. The only major problem is that most individuals have no clue about how to throw a party that will keep the guests talking about it for months. The majority of the parties that we have are just some bowls of stale chips and assorted dips and a loud radio playing assorted music. All of the guests just sit there and either stare at the walls or chat about absolutely useless things just to pass the time until they can leave and go home. We will teach you the basic ideas of what makes up a good get together and the rest is up to you to execute.

Once you settle on the idea of having a party then it is time to plan it out. You should start panning your party a couple of months in advance so that you can be sure to have a stress free event. Failure to plan is the leading reasons for a failed event so do not let you become a victim of it too. The first things to work on planning are the location, the guest list, and of course the party's theme, without these there is no event. The them can make or break a party so be witty and clever and tasteful The guest list and the location go hand in hand so they can be considered at the same time. You want a place large enough to fit your guests but you do not want a huge venue and very few people either. One of the most overlooked but very important details is the invitation since this is the first thing that your guests will see. Make this make them want to come and get excited about it. Lastly, decide if you want a DJ or live band and get them booked soon.

A few weeks before the party the main part of the planning is supposed to be done so now it is time to execute. You want to get the invitations filled out and dropped in the mail, you want to plan out any fun little games or sub events that you want to have the guests participate in, you want to start working on your party favors since everyone loves to bring something home and lastly you need to figure out if you are going to make the cake or order it out. If you are ordering a cake from a bakery then you need to think of the design and price range that you want to work with and start to make arrangements. The home stretch is visible so this part is not as bad as you have already done the harder part a month or so ago.

The party is quickly approaching and the smaller details and the last minute things need to be addressed. A few days before the event you should contact the guests that have not replied to the invitation so that you can finalize the number of guests to be at the party. Go to the store and get the final items such as last minute groceries like vegetables and candies. You will also want to make sure that your camera works well and that you have enough film for the whole party. The day before the party or the day of begin to set up for the event. Balloons, streamers and signs are perfect to set the party atmosphere. If you plan it out right you will be able to pull of your event with very little stress and aguish.

Learn the right way to throw a party so the guests are talking about it for months

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