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  • Selling Stocks That Don't Rise Can Get Bigger Gains  By : Dr. Winton Felt
    A gardener must pull the weeds from his garden to prevent them from choking the plants. Likewise, in order to free up resources, a portfolio manager must get rid of stocks that do not rise and stocks that decline. This practice will keep a portfolio more fully committed to rising stocks more of the time.
  • Invest With the Trend  By : Dr. Winton Felt
    To invest with the trend, it is important to determine the time frame of the trend that is appropriate for your intended holding period or investment time-horizon. If you are taking a position that you think you will hold for a few weeks to a month, then the direction of a long-term trend indicator like the 200-day moving average is not particularly relevant to the trade.
  • Foreclosure listings and bank foreclosures listings  By : Rick Martin
    Do you want to buy a new house or maybe start a real estate business? The best way to do this is to buy a foreclosed house. In this article you can find the most important things that you should know before buying a property using foreclosure listings.