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  • Finding Better Ways to stop drinking  By : David Peters
    The same Vitamin A is used in the skin turnover process to help generate the new cells that replace the dead ones. The vitamin provides a temporary boost in the production of collagen and can lend the skin a more youthful appearance for a while. Over time, the lack of oxygen and nutrients would allow the formation of harmful free radicals that slowly damage the elastic fibers and collagen, which keep the skin strong and flexible. The result is usually the appearance of premature wrinkles. It is also thought likely that the repeated pursing of lips when inhaling smoke helps build wrinkles around the mouth, while the heat of the burning cigarette tip is also damaging the skin. Healthy skin is a sign of good health. The skin is the largest vital organ in our body, which is comprised of about two billion cells and has a surface area of around two square meters. Although only very few people can actually have the perfect skin and complexion, we can do something to bring out the best in our skin.