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Wise Ways For Creating A List Of Life Lessons

By: John Denvert

It would be great if there was a set list of life lessons that was taught in school. The teacher could have the students memorize them and they would be all set for life. Unfortunately that is not how it works. No one knows everything about life, and everyone's experience is completely different than the next. These are a few of the over preached and under heard lessons as well as some insight as to what one might do with these experiences.

It is important to live in the moment. This is impossible to consistently do, but overall, it is a goal that most should aim for. There is only the guarantee of the present, and after that, who knows. Life is taken away so quickly and is irreplaceable, so why not live for every moment. Rather than watching the television for hours on end, or playing on the computer, why not meet up with friends, or go out and try salsa dancing.

It is important to get out the comfort zone. It is a safe place that is familiar, but it does not usually present any hard challenges. Going out and meeting new people that have a different background or are into different types of music, sports, or fashion can be a good thing. Everyone learns something new about someone else. Barriers are broken and possible new friendships are made. This is a great way to grow and develop.

People like to talk about all the differences they want to make in their lives, or in the world, but they rarely act on these words. Be different and go do these things. If working with orphanages in Africa is something that is on the list, then go and do it. If running a marathon or a half marathon is a goal that seems impossible but important, start making a training plan and do it. Actions speak louder than words.

Not always knowing the answer or making mistakes is okay. It actually can be an extremely good thing. Every time a mistake is made, something is learned and hopefully will not be repeated. Admitting that perhaps one does not know the answer is also fine. Nobody knows everything. For those that think they do, they are only kidding themselves.

These can be experienced every day if seized upon. When the family gets together again for the holidays, take the time to ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, and siblings what life lessons they have learned over their years. Everyone has different ones, so there are bound to be a wide range. Talk to different mentors or read about different people that are inspirational.

While these lessons are being learnt, they need to be remembered somehow so that one can continually grow rather than repeat mistakes. For those at are more private, write about them in a journal that is kept somewhere private. But for those that lead a more public life, write about them in a blog, a memoir, a song, a poem, or some other form of sharing. This is a great way to teach others the lessons you have learned, which they can either learn from or leave.

The list of life lessons can go on and on, but everyone has to come up with their own one. There are basic ones that are great to go by, but at the end of the day, everyone learns something different. It is a great thing and should be taken advantage of.

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