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Why Send Your Children To A Christian School

By: Gen Wright

As parents, sometimes you might wonder - what is better, to send my child to public school so that they can learn to manage - and fit into - the public school - and the current mainstream lifestyle - as early as possible - or to send him or her to a christian school so that they get an education that is in line with your own spiritual beliefs.

Maybe there is some confusion as to which is better. You maybe have wondered about the best thing to do - and there is probably no "best thing for everyone" thing to do. In fact, in your neighborhood, the christian school might not be much better than the public school, especially if the children in the school come from backgrounds that are not consistent with what you expect in a christian school.

Or maybe the public schools in your neighborhood are especially bad, and then it makes more sense to definitely find a way to send your children to a christian school.

In making this decision, there are a few reasons why you might prioritize christian school for your children:

Your children will be given a proper spiritual education in addition to the 3 Rs - and this can extend their spiritual foundation. Of course this doesn't excuse you from taking full responsibility for making sure they are growing spiritually, as well. It is also important that you make sure that what they are learning in school is consistent with good solid Bible truth.

Your children may have exposure to other children who can be their friends, who are preferably not using bad language, telling bad jokes, and so on. Your children's friends make a definite difference in how your children grow up, their early value system, and so on, and a good school environment can also influence that. Of course, you can't simply assume that because a child goes to a christian school, that the other children are from families with your spiritual values. Children in your chosen school may be there because of other reasons than spiritual ones, and may not have the same values as those you want taught to your children.

In some cases (but not all cases) the teaching in the christian school may be more solid than that of the competing public schools in the neighborhood. Of course you should study to make sure this is the case, looking into the results of tests of the children in both schools, and determining where you believe they might get the best education. And of course, it is your responsibility to know what they are learning in school and making sure they are doing the appropriate homework and internalizing the learning as best as they can and is necessary or is in line with your own expectations.

As you can see, there are many subjective elements in making the decision to send your children to a christian school as opposed to a public school, and they don't all boil down to the stated spiritual preference of the school, and in fact, you should definitely dig deeper to make sure they are specifically learning what they should be!

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