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Why Girth Is Important

By: MN_Nikk

The girth of a penis is underrated and that’s a fact. A lot of men are simply obsessed with the idea of having a long penis and would do almost anything to add an extra inch or two. The huge penis enlargement market is testimony to their will and dedication to improve themselves by means of traction devices, exercises, pills, pumps, weights and surgery. Some of these enlargement methods are advisable and some are not, but the overarching idea is that men are taking steps to improve themselves, which is always a good thing that should be encouraged.

The problem is most men think that length is far more important than girth, without realising that it takes both to make a woman happy. A good sized penis is a penis that has both adequate length and girth and not just length because any woman can tell you that both are important. You might be wondering: “Why should girth be important? I thought women liked to feel the penis going deep inside?” Yes, they do, but that’s not enough. A long and thin penis will simply go up until it bangs against the cervix without giving a lot of pleasure.

The thing to remember is that the pleasure zone for women consists of roughly two inches of tissue rich in nerve endings located at the entrance of the vagina, the penis rubs against this area when going in and out causing those delightful sensations women experience during sex. A thin penis is only going to stretch this area a bit. A thick penis, on the other hand, one with good girth, will stretch the area a lot and stimulate a bigger number of nerve endings, thus giving women more pleasure. And there is one more positive side to having a good girth that should be mentioned.

The focal point of pleasure for women is the clitoris. Unlike the male penis, which works both as a sexual organ and as a way out for urine, the clitoris has no other function than to make women happy. A thin penis is unlikely to brush against the clitoris and bring out moans of pleasure. Naturally, there are certain sexual positions that will make even a thin penis brush up against the clitoris, but this is not something that happens on a regular basis. A thick penis, however, may only need a slight adjustment of the penetration angle in order to reach the clitoris.

This is not to say that length is not important, because we all know that it is. But, as you can plainly see, length is only part of what makes for a good sexual experience. Girth is equally important in the pleasure game and one does not work well without the other. If you want even more proof of how important girth is, then ask your girlfriend or wife about it. Odds are she’ll say that she likes a thick penis that stretches her good, but not so thick that it may cause pain which is the way it should be.

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