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Useful Information Concerning False Prophecy In The News Today

By: John Denvert

At this day and time a lot of people are depending on religion for knowledge and wisdom on how to live on a day to day basis. Although this is good, there are many false prophets out there who are trying their best to take advantage of this to either mislead others or to get money and other material things from the believers. This thrives on the ignorance of the masses on how to differentiate between a true prophet and a false one. This is not impossible and as a matter of fact knowing the right quality of a legit prophet will open your eyes to fake prophecy in the news today.

It is important that you know what not to concentrate on when looking for a legit prophet. First of all do not look too much into some of their activities like praying for one.If you judge by how loudly or spiritual they pray then you might be fooled very easily as many will put out an act. Also do not look at how they preach. Some are very subtle, and might deliver very impressive sermons. This however does not mean their heart is where their mouth is.

A prophet also talks the truth at all times. No matter how tough they try this is the one thing they cannot avoid. They might put it in their messages in a subtle way though, to fool you. For instance they might not necessarily declare that they are god but might insinuate it in a clever manner. However if you pay close attention you will notice how true they are.

Another way you can tell whether they are telling the truth or not is by comparing their preaching to what the bible says. This is the official Christian guide and anything said that contradicts the book is deceiving. The said prophets might however not tell you the exact opposite but might misquote the Bible. Also they might claim they were confused by the devil et cetera. If this happens more than a few times then it should be clear.

Another thing that even the best prophets at acting cannot maintain for a long time is their righteous facade. Although it might appear very convincing at first it stops after some time and their true self shows. They should always have the fruits of the spirit; love, peace, joy, long-suffering, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness and self-control. If these are missing then he is just creating a mirage.

False prophets are never able to give an accurate prophecy. Most of the false prophets who give a prophecy always ensures they are long term and not able to happen during their lifetime. For instance they may talk about a hundred years when they know so well that this might never happen and they will never be questioned.

Whereas there are preachers who preach on abstraction matters true prophets do not. On the bible there was not even one prophet who talked about good things that are supposed to come in the future. On the contrary they usually gave guidelines as to how to overcome challenges et al.

If you do not believe in something you will fall for anything. Therefore if you just want to hear about things you only fantasize about then that is exactly what will fool you into following false prophets. Observing these checks will open your eyes to knowing false prophecy in the news today.

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