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Understanding Details Of Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus

By: John Denvert

Treating the fungi affecting nails can sometimes be a headache. The fungi grow under the nails and on dead tissues making it very difficult to be reached by many conventional medicines. They are however not sparing as they indiscriminately destroy nails giving them an ugly and discolored look, a cause of discomfort and embarrassment. Currently, there are a few methods for treatment, among which is the laser treatment for toenail fungus which is still at the introduction stage.

The scientific name for toe nail fungal infection is onychomycosis and is caused by fungi called dermatophyte which commonly leave on dead skin tissues on the top surface. The results are discolored and ugly looking nails which to many, are embarrassing. Older men remain the most commonly affected part of the population although the evidence shows that the condition is not discriminating in terms of sex and age. It can be best prevented and managed by consistence use of clean socks, avoid walking bare feet and general hygiene.

Using tropical medication to deal with the condition is limited by the fact that the nail plate is highly impermeable. The result is that the fungi living under the nail is not reached and will be spreading as soon as you stop applying medicine. To make matters worse, there are no major symptoms making early detection very hard.

The solutions you have currently include oral medication which may work but have a great degree of risks and tropical therapies which that are ineffective in most cases. To make situation even worse, the duration for both of these approaches is relatively long. The other alternative that most medical experts believe to be ineffective is the surgical solution where the nail plate is removed.

This is how laser treatment for toenails fungus comes in. No doubt, laser is now used to cure many diseases in human beings. It is very modern and thus very technologically advanced with the latest scientific techniques that are able to eliminate setbacks associated with other methods. It works by producing light energy that is coherent and of specific strength and wavelength which is projected to specific tissue target. When absorbed by the target, the heat produced causes tissue destruction without affecting the tissues that are not the target.

Having been used in many other areas in medical field, lasers are considered the most technologically advanced treatment alternatives. It produces coherent light energy with known and specific wavelength and strength and focuses it to the target destroying specific tissue and microorganism through heat action without damaging the non-targeted tissues.

The method is relatively new in the market and as such, there is insufficient data to support how effective it is. Basing on the evidence from many trials conducted so far, this seems to be a solution to fungal infections. It takes between 30-45 minutes but this may vary depending on how severe the condition is. They few who have tried it have given very positive feedback.

Although presumed to be relatively safe, laser treatment for toenail fungus is still new and all details in regards on efficacy are still unavailable. The side effects too are not fully understood. Given the cost of machines used, it is unlikely that the cost of treatment can fall below the conventional methods currently common.

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