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The Merits Of Powder Coating Statesville NC

By: John Denvert

Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a protective finish to almost any type of metal. These metals can either be used by industries or final customers. The powder used in this process is actually a mixture of pigment and resin that have been finely grounded. It is applied onto the surfaces that need to be coated through an electrostatic method. The result is actually a durable and an attractive finish. When searching for the best professional service for powder coating Statesville NC residents can look locally or online.

It is true that this particular method is growing very fast. Many industries are using this technology to apply finish on different metallic surfaces. People who have actually tried the method have really liked it. This is because the coated surfaces gain a new and attractive look. This article offers some benefits of this method.

Durability is actually the first benefit that is people accrue after trying this particular method. The metals that have been coated become very durable and long lasting. This is because the lawyer that is formed on the surfaces is permanent. The coated surfaces are resistant to wearing, fading, scratching, and chipping.

The method makes metallic surfaces to have a finish that has a new color finish. The common ones include wrinkle, clear, and hammer tone, and many others. The metal also gains a new texture, which could either be smooth or rough. Rough textures are mainly for hiding faultiness on metals.

The method also protects surfaces from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. If you leave metals that are not coated in the sun, these rays can make them to fade. For instance, some parts of vehicles fade simply because the metallic parts are highly exposed to the rays. After coating, the same parts become highly protected.

It is an environment-friendly method of surface coating. This is quite different from other methods which use solvents. Liquid finishes make use of solvents that have poisonous substances called volatile organic compounds. Such pollutants pose great danger to the environment. The good thing with this advanced method is that it causes no harm to the surroundings. This helps save money that could have used to purchase expensive pollution control equipment.

You can save a lot if you consider this particular method whenever you want your metal surfaces coated. The surfaces can be coated at a very low price. Remember there are many powder coating companies out there to choose from. The industries have also benefited a lot by minimizing costs. This is because they no longer spend huge sums of money buying pollution control equipment.

This process has a wider application. There are thousands of items that are currently powder coated. These include appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners cabinets, water heaters, dish washers, and many more. It is also used in automotive industry whereby wheels are coated, door handles, truck beds, radiators, filters, and many others. In the building industry, the method is used to coat aluminum extrusions used on window and door frames. Many building projects use this technology for coating light poles, signs, and fencing. When searching for the right company for powder coating Statesville NC residents can look locally or online.

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