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The Mediocre Practice Of Guestbook Spamming

By: Kistina Robin

With a wide array of means and the race towards getting higher page hits and page ranks today, spamming is the term that best describes leaving behind comments on various sites, particularly guestbook scripts placed for visitors to leave behind supposedly harmless reactions or insights. Guestbook spam has become one of the resorts that can be seen on the various websites. It can be easy to spot guestbook spamming, particularly comments that have nothing to do with the site relevance, and providing links towards other sites in the guestbook as well. Guestbook spamming is another resort of most people to be able to spread their sites and try to invite other visitors to direct themselves to the site they are endorsing.

There have been a number of ways for people to be able to combat these guestbook-spamming activities, most of which have used moderation methods prior to allowing the post to be done. While guestbook spamming has not yet been completely practiced, guestbook anti-spamming is slowly following the lead of online blogs and forums that have implemented constraints to avoid their sites from becoming spamming origins for their valued visitors. Guestbook spam scripts have been made developed as well, helping relieve people of such guestbook spam practices. Such guestbook spam protection has helped in making the lives of site owners a whole lot more worry free, the fact that guestbook spamming is the trend that most people do to day to be able to drive in traffic to their websites.

Guestbook spam had only become rampant since the introduction of the adsense programs by Google. While the search engine should not be pinpointed for being the cause of all these practices, the fact that trying to go around the system of Google is something that most people love to do. Spamming guestbooks of websites that have higher page ranks and lack the proper guestbook anti-spamming scripts and protection are like sitting ducks waiting to be preyed upon by such people. Guestbook spamming will only need time until the guestbook script programming and protection have been implemented. But for now, the best that people can do is screen the guestbook comments and leave it up to them on whether to approve such inputs or categorize them as guestbook spam and will not be shown on the site’s guestbook for visitors to see.

It is not hard to spot possible guestbook spamming techniques. While to generalize all of them is certainly not proper, the immediate indicators are the content of the left message and possible hyperlinks to sites which are only aiming to re-direct people into checking out the site. People who see this may choose to ignore, but the point is that every time a visitor would check out past or current messages coming from different visitors, some just cannot help but avoid checking out the link left on the guestbook and suffice their curiosity.

Another easy way to determine this is off-topic posts that are in no way relevant to the site’s theme. Some pranksters would simply create inputs to increase the rate of keywords that are queried in a single search from the search engine giants. Spotting this immediately is in most cases a clear example of guestbook spamming.

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