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The Benefits Of Radon Mitigation In Florida For Condominiums

By: John Denvert

Many homes all over the country are affected by dangerous radon gas. This colorless, odorless gas occurs naturally in most areas. However, if levels inside a home are too high the owners will need professional help to deal with this dangerous problem. Radon mitigation in Florida is a very common practice and there are many contractors ready to help.

The gas is caused by rock and soil breaking down. It is part of the natural cycle of decay on earth. However, the materials used in much of the modern construction can also cause a significant problem for home owners and tenants. If left untreated it can have very serious health implications, the most dangerous of which is lung cancer. Estimates find that aside from smoking, radon gas is responsible for many cases of lung cancer.

Before a home can be sold, the mortgage company will usually require a radon test to be carried out. This is a simple process in which a canister is left in the dwelling for a day or two. Any reading above 4.0 parts per liter will need to be mitigated. Many home buyers are quite alarmed to find that the property they plan to buy has high levels of a potentially dangerous gas. In some cases the buyer may withdraw their offer.

Working together these professionals are able to not only deal with the dangerous gas but also to maintain or improve air quality in the home or apartment. Before any work starts it is very important to get a proper written contract from the company. This should list all the work to be done, any guarantees and disclaimers, plus diagrams and components that are to be used. This one simple step can not only protect both parties and also save expensive disputes later on.

The key to mitigating any levels of radon gas is to hire only an extremely experienced and certified technician. Anyone who works on mitigation systems must be licenced with the state of Florida and hold all the right certification. These professionals should also be properly insured. After the initial meeting the company representative should prepare a written quotation stating all the work to be done. This should also include diagrams of the proposed system, monitoring and guarantees.

The type of system really depends on the size of the home. The style of dwelling is also important. Smaller condominiums and town houses may be suitable candidates for one of the smaller and less expensive systems. These are called Mechanical Ventilation Systems and work on the simple idea of bringing fresh air into the home.

As the systems become more elaborate they also become more expensive. Obviously a larger home will need a bigger system. The active humidity reduction systems bring in the necessary fresh air, but also help to deal with large amounts of moisture. Interestingly, not all radon gas comes from the ground. Large amounts are also released from building materials. It is not uncommon for a high rise apartment to need remediation measures and every home owner should be aware of this.

Home owners should also be aware that even high rise apartments can have excessive levels of radon gas. This comes from the building materials used in the floors and ceilings. Whatever the cause working with a well trained and competent company is the best policy for radon mitigation in Florida.

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