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Sound Thoughts For Why You Should Use Fumehoods

By: John Denvert

Many chemicals that are in use in modern industry today produce fumes, especially when they have to be mixed. Therefore it is important for personnel to make use of the protective equipment that they are issued. If the vapors are going to be more volatile in nature then other measures need to be taken. These measures can involve the use of fumehoods.

These can come in a variety of sizes and styles. There will be a variety which will suit your most regular needs. Chances are that it will also meet the needs of tasks which are carried out on a less regular basis. Some are fully portable, whereas others are best left in a fixed position. Typically they will provide protection against fumes, vapors and dusts.

Ideally the base of the cabinet will be situated at a normal working height, many are included as part of a workbench layout. The base, back and sides are solid pieces, educational cabinets will often have clear perspex sides. The top portion will provide a home for the extraction or recirculating systems, if it is an extraction there will also be ducting. The front panel is the important one.

It will be formed from either glass or heavy gauge perspex. It needs to be clear to enable the technician to observe what they are doing. The front area also gives the technician access to the internal working area so that they can perform their required tasks. In the event that particularly toxic substances are being used the front panel will remain sealed at all times, but via gloves fixed into the panel work can continue.

Another benefit of the front panel is that it prevents the technician accidentally splashing themselves. Linked with the sides and back is helps to contain any vapors. In turn this assists the fans to remove these fumes.

With the top and sides cutting down the available light, an internal light is fitted inside of the hood. The cover over the internal lamp has to be vapor proof, which will prevent any explosive gases coming into contact with the hot lamp bulb. The switch for the light, along with the controls for the recirculating or extraction fans, are situated on the outside.

When making use of this equipment an individual should get themselves into some good habits. For instance getting all of the necessary material together and placing them inside of the cabinet without opening any containers. Switching the fans and the light on, and letting the fan run to full speed at which point the containers can be opened. When you have finished the work still allow the fan to run for a while. This makes sure that all fumes are removed.

These fumehoods often have filters, and many see it as a good idea to display a register of when the filters are changed. This can be on the outside of these cabinets. The firm should ensure that all personnel who will be using this equipment are aware of how to properly operate it. Individuals should also get into the habit of using this equipment, no matter how small the job. With proper servicing policies many year's of use will be gained.

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