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Solely Use A Good International Yacht Transport Company For Top Results

By: John Denvert

Have you ever dreamt of owning that special boat but not sure how to go about it. Buying one from overseas, one does tends to worry about the cost to ship it. Why not try the International Yacht transport companies. They take the hassle out of it all. This is an easy method and is cost effective. It will get your craft where it needs to be without the needless and punishing engine hours. You can sit back and wait while your craft is well cared for.

Many companies offer either weekly or bi-weekly sails to many different major ports all over the world. France, Netherlands, Sweden and Great Britain as well as India and the Middle East are just a few. Any vessel whether it is private, chartered, new builds or even racing will be delivered at an affordable price suited for your pocket.

There are a number of methods that are used for loading onto ships. The most used one is the lift on - lift off. Your prize will be delivered next to the ship that is to transport it. Heavy duty slings will then be placed under and around by experienced divers. A crane is used to then lift the vessel from the water and will be set on a custom made cradle. It will then be secured to the deck. Discharging will be the same procedure.

In the constantly changing world of transporting of vessels, their main priority is and has always been the customer. They are there to give you advice on which method to use and which one will be cheaper, while still giving you top quality that is expected to them. Their consultants will be able to assist you with filling out of any and all forms necessary, as well as letting you know what documents will be needed.

Roll on - roll off will be used for any that are 17 feet to 65 feet in length. The height will be no more than 15ft. They will be rolled in and out of specialized ship compartments through a door opening on their own trailers. They will be protected throughout the journey. If no trailer is available a special flat bed is used.

Each individual company has developed their own innovation method for loading and lifting. Many have a large number of professionals involved. The Load Masters can use up to 24 lifting belts that are each at least 60cm wide. It is carefully hoisted and then secured in its designated spot on deck or in the cargo hold, on cradles specifically designed for that boat.

Using a company of this kind, it will ensure that the safety from waterborne crimes will be less while on the high seas. The man power of trying to sail your boat across the sea could be very large, this method will reduce the cost. Wear and tear of a vessel could be high as problems could happen with the fittings and structure. You will save on the repairs and replacements of parts if anything were to go wrong.

Using the international yacht transport companies, there is very little waiting around, as your boat will be loaded at the time specified. The main goal is to get everything loaded in as short a time as possible so as not to incur heavy port fees. In this manner the fees for transporting any product will be kept to a minimum and an affordable rate.

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