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Quick Tips for Making a GIF to Animate Your Daily Photos

By: Adela Jones

Animated GIFs are nowadays extremely popular and in high demand. They are of great value for advertising, marketing, page views, or even artistic and creative expressions. GIFs can bridge the gap between photos and videos. A photo is easy, but it has a lot of limitations. A video is streaming, but it can be a tedious and lengthy project. The GIF though, it’s pretty simple and fairly versatile. It’s also a nice way to share your feelings with friends and family instead of sending them still photos. You can make a GIF out of a collection of plain photos to intuitively convey your thoughts and also bring some extra impression.

Find the best way to make a GIF

Let’s say you have a folder full of photos that you want to turn into an animated GIF, but now you are faced with the question of where to get started. Then you should read this, here in this article you will get your wanted answer.

As you’d expect, there are countless ways to convert plain photos to animated GIFs, and more appear daily. For example, many “free” online GIF maker sites allow you to upload your daily photos and then automatically generate a GIF for you. But my experience is that all the “free” sites I’ve tried have such-and-such limits of file size, frame rate, duration, watermark or something else. Sometimes you have to sign up or buy their premium service to overcome these limits.

There also a number of offline GIF maker tools are now available in the market, but what’s the quickest and easiest one to start looping your digital photos? Let’s forget Photoshop, which is super complex for beginners. If you are looking for a simple and practical animated GIF maker, PicGIF, developed by PearlMountain can be your perfect choice. It can meet all your needs whether you're a hard-core techie or a beginner who prefers to keep things simple.

Create animated GIFs from photos using PicGIF

This easy-to-use GIF generator tool will help you make out GIFs from photos for every mood and moment. It supports a wide range of image format like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, TGA, RAW, PIC, etc. and any image size. Go to make a GIF follow the below brief steps.

>Download PicGIF from and install it on your Mac.
>Add a series of photos from your local folder or take some snapshots using your camera for use.
>Set your GIF size, frame delay and playing sequence. It couldn't be easier to resize your GIF size by choosing from the preset sizes or customizing the exact size you want. You can easily control the GIF speed by setting its frame delay. Go to Sequence option to change the looping direction of Normal and Reverse.
>Add text/sticker to your GIF. PicGIF provides a very handy function for adding and editing some text captions/stickers to multiple layers.
>Save and share your GIF. This whole thing should have taken you no more than a few minutes. Share with and impress your friends.

This is a don't-miss GIF maker for you to create your own GIF!

Information about the Author:

I am an amateur and joyous photographer, who brings a love of creativity to life with my practice. I adore my father. He is my father, friend, and my teacher. I love him with all my heart.

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