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Problems in Retaining Your Downline? Here Are The Clear Solutions!

By: Daegan Smith

There are many networking businesses nowadays and the sure key to their success is their downline. Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and internet marketing is the newest way of networking that requires downline. If taken seriously, any networking businesses can prosper; as a result, downlines can also be benefited with large sums of money.

It is a fact that the network marketersretention rate for every MLM business is 3 months only. The problem can be stemmed from the different backgrounds and unique qualities of the people consisting the downline; some maybe hard worker and persevering while others are lax. Another foreseen problem is the lack of training system in place and absence of retention strategy. Although downline retention can be a complex problem in any networking business, there are sure ways on how to solve it. Listed below are some:

First, lead the team! Before building your downline, the first question to ask is how to better your group and yourself. It will not be a good idea to let your downline do all the networking. Building your downlines is just the starting point of a long path that you and your group will traverse towards success. How can you positively lead your team? There are 7 steps to look into:

1. Start an effective communication. Contact details must well be presented to start your open communication. It is essential for representatives to constantly get in touch with the distributors and answer every queries in line with the business.

2. Maintain a good relationship. Having a good team starts with a good relationship. It is the duty of the manager to build rapport with his agents, speaking to them and encouraging them always so that they will be motivated to work harder.

3. Constant monitoring. A regular review of the performance of the downlines is needed to know if they need extra guidance. Sharing inputs and tips on how they can work better is also a good move.

4. Let them lead. To motivate your downlines, give them a chance to shine! Let them showcase their abilities in bringing sales for the business. Offer them information they need and let them strategize for themselves.

The second key on retaining your downline is to give them a goal to shoot for. Set realistic goals. A good downline does not necessary mean that their sales are sky rocketing high. As long as the goals are achieved, and a desire to improve the current sales is present, then the downlines can be regarded as very successful. Do not set high goals that are very impossible to achieve since this may lead to depression and dismay and eventually, loss of downlines.

The third solution to keep hold of the team is to motivate them. You can give incentives and other rewards if a sales quota is met. This way, they will strive to work harder for the pursuit of the groups goal. The rewards do not necessarily mean cash; a party or a special event for them can be a good prize for their effort.

The last option to hold the downline is to give them trainings. Allowing the people to grow with the team through trainings and development can give them a feeling that they are taken cared of and can also produce within them a sense of belongingness and loyalty to the firm.

Retaining the network downline can be difficult but there are many options to consider. The secret is to build a team that will be working together not because of monetary rewards but a pursuit of a common goal that will bring about success to the company.

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