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New Roof Set To Change The Wimbledon Championships Hospitality Experience

By: Dominic Donaldson

As a long established English institution, the Wimbledon Championships have long enamoured and excited the populous of the British Isles and the rest of the world. Centre court action has always been a favourite, with the men's singles on the final day providing a climatic finale for the annual event. As the world's most favourite grass court event, there is undoubtedly a huge demand for the Wimbledon Championships hospitality suites, and with the promise of a new retractable roof to cover centre court, the tickets for this year's event will not see rain stopping play. So what else can ticket buyers expect for their money at the 2009 championships besides strawberries and cream?

The Wimbledon Championships have been fully established since 1868, and is considered the premier place for lawn tennis. The tournament has had a tumultuous past, and has been both the pride and pain of British sporting fans. An English tennis player hasn't won the tournament since 1977, and each year sees the ribbing of British tennis talent grow. Taking place in the supposedly sunnier months of summer, the Wimbledon Championships hospitality tickets offer a chance for watching all the match action from the comfort of private suites, with strawberries, cream and plenty of champagne on tap whoever is playing in the finals.

This year, the new retractable roof is set to make a big difference to centre court viewing, and those who have invested in hospitality tickets will be the first to experience uninterrupted play. The major benefit of this, besides preventing Cliff Richard breaking into song, is that ticket buyers can now be guaranteed to see some of the best tennis in the world, and for it to finish within the scheduled time. There have previously been occasions where the tournament has run over by a couple of days due to bad weather.

To test out the new feature, there is a special event planned that will see a variety of matches played prior to the tournament taking place. Scheduled for May, the centre court will welcome people to come and watch world class players Andre Agassi, Stephi Graph, Kim Clijsters and Tim Henman battle it out in a men's singles match, ladies singles match and a mixed doubles match. This is a great excuse to test out the new roof and air con system to avoid any red faces come tournament time from anything other than sunburn.

There would be a furore from the Wimbledon Championships hospitality ticket buyers should anything interrupt the enjoyment of the game, although it could be almost guaranteed that it would be taken with a stiff upper lip and just moaned about politely. The importance of everything running smoothly for the 2009 championship rests on the reasons people choose to indulge in the tennis event of the year; it's reputation.

So many of the ticket buyers are there for the atmosphere and to experience the essence that is Wimbledon. The tennis is obviously an important aspect for ticket buyers, but some people save and queue for this one event, and for them, it is more than tennis. It is about tradition; and that is what the May event at the famed court is all about.

Will the retractable roof be blend seamlessly to become part of the ever changing, ever morphing All England Club, or will it be a step too far in deviating from tradition? Rain stops play will be no more, and instead there could be a new phenomena for spectators to enjoy. Watching the climactic final moments of the tournament whilst thunder booms and lightning strikes above centre court could be just the thing to set off a glass of Veuve Clicquot and a bowl of the finest strawberries.

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