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Maintaining The Health Of A Steed Depends On Equine Veterinary Groton MA

By: John Denvert

The animal doctor is a medical expert who takes care of all types of pets and other animals. He or she gains a degree in veterinary medicine, and then becomes licensed before being allowed to treat animals. When a medical doctor completes his or her education, he must also acquire a license to practice. A special field in equine veterinary Groton MA is the care of horses.

A vet cannot diagnose an animal based on answers to questions as a doctor can with humans. He or she must depend on clinical signs that point to a particular disease or condition. Some owners keep track of the medical care and that is helpful. Blood tests and other kinds of tests allow the vet to determine how best to help the equine patient.

There are vaccinations to prevent some diseases or conditions from occurring or growing worse. An owner can read books on the optimal diet including type of hay and grain the animal should be eating. There are even proscribed diets including those for the foal, yearling, mare, racehorse and the senior horse. Certain minerals and vitamins should be given as well.

Years ago, euthanasia was the only kind treatment for a broken leg. Currently, advancements have been made in the use of a prosthetic leg for the patient. There would be high costs associated with care, but it is possible to save the life of a beloved pet horse in some cases. The first consideration is if the animal will be able to walk without pain. Of course, it could no longer be ridden. But in the case of a young animal and a wealthy owner, it is a possibility to extend the life of the horse.

Equine medicine is a specialty. This animal differs anatomically and in other ways from livestock. Just as in human medical practices, there are veterinary specialties. Examples include anesthesiology, cardiology, dermatology and dentistry. The racehorse may receive more frequent medical attention than most humans.

The vet earns a degree in veterinary medicine and goes on to advanced studies in the equine breeds. The degree is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, DVM. There are a limited number of colleges that offer these courses of study. Therefore, the competition to be accepted into vet school may be more stringent than getting into medical school, which is difficult in itself.

Withe the possible exclusion of the racehorse, this fine animal is more to the owner than something to carry him on its back. A strong bond forms between the two, which is akin to the close relationship between a dog and its owner. Although the horse is trained to be ridden and possible compete in show events, in addition it has the ability to feel real affection towards a good owner. This feeling is returned from owner to mount.

The equine veterinary Groton MA does not practice in an office. He or she has to go to the stable where the patient lives. Not only will the vet understand the disease or injury being treated, he or she will also be empathetic towards the level of caring the owner has for the horse. In most cases, the vet will also feel a degree of affection for the patients being cared for.

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