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Litigation In Support Of African Romance Movies

By: John Denvert

African film industry has been experiencing several changes, most of which are positive. A good number of people are die hard fanatics of African romance movies. They are an avenue to learn about the culture and the way of life of the Africans, both in the past and in the present. They also give a glimpse of African aesthetics in which their idea of beauty is coined.

In Africa, Oral Literature is still real and as captivating as ever. Through it we get a rough idea of what formed the daily livelihood of the ancestors and from there we can assess the changes that have occurred. In this century, cultures have been diversified through modernity and the fusion is a very interesting feature. Romance movies from Africa are now watched in other continents like Asia and Europe.

There are several reasons why one needs to watch these movies. For those people who are highly emotional, it is a guaranteed that they will be touched. These stories are well scripted such that they seem to be real occurrences. Those that talk about grief will leave mourning together with the aggrieved in the story. If it is about love and romance, which is the most common, then you might end up admiring the characters.

African actors are actually very good at creating romantic situations. Whoever said they are unromantic is totally wrong. These are men and women who can go as far as it takes just for love. This is something they treasure and cherish.therefore, you are advised to watch these movies so as to come into terms with this reality.

The biggest challenge is that after viewing several of them, it reaches a point where the events are repeating themselves. This is because most script writers borrow ideas from other s or adapt a story that has already been written by somebody else. The content therein at times is also not purely African. Instead, western ones are imitated. You can thus find an Africanized version of Romeo and Juliet. Some aspect of creativity will still be displayed though.

Change can either be positive or negative. In the film industry, technology has brought positive transformation. Right from production to viewing, things have greatly changed. The manual film has since been overtaken by digital data storage and retrieval by use of devices like cassette disks and flash disks. There are also various options of viewing. This has been a big blessing and a good sign.

Another important contributor to this industry has been the sector of education. Various researches have yielded various ways of gaining from the wide market. More students are now being encouraged to take courses that are related to this field since its future seems to be bright. The result is encouraging since more students have now accepted that acting is a good career and are going for it.

For the lovers of romance, movies from Africa are a must watch. Try one today and you will not be disappointed. Apart from being highly sensuous, they are also educative. They always have a moral lesson that the viewer learns at the end. Such lessons can assist you in decision making about your own relationships.

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