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Know The Benefits Of Ego 1300mah Battery Over Traditional Cigars

By: John Denvert

Ego 1300mah battery is the latest addition into the world of e-cigars. It offers smokers the enjoyment of a puff without exposing them to the dangers associated with tobacco. This makes it a desirable alternative when one evaluates it against the harmful tobacco based conventional cigarettes. It is devoid of dangerous health complications and side effects.

The development of e-cigarettes follows years of research and advanced tests to eliminate health risks and still provide for the psychological needs of puffing. A vaporizing liquid that is heated has replaced traditional tobacco to produce a vapor with nicotine. It is this vapor that adds to the pleasure of puffing which keeps people addicted to their cigarettes. The advantages it provides include freedom from healthy risks like addiction. This product does not fall under the items that are regulated by the health legislations. This means that a puff is permitted in areas where conventional smokers will be prohibited.

The fact that it does not produce smoke makes it eco-friendly. It means that one enjoys the convenience of leaving a lighter behind or having to carry matches. It operates through an automatic internal mechanism that causes an LED section at the front to glow when one pulls. To produce the vapor, nothing burns and therefore the smell usually associated with traditional smoking is out of question. The smell was one of the reasons people did not want to keep company with smokers. This trend is changing with the e-cigar.

No health warnings or cautions have been issued yet either by regulators or manufacturers. This means that it is still considered the best health alternative available in the market. Approval has been granted by health ministries for smokers to use it. Its use does not come with guilt and is considered a reward to the smoker and the environment at large.

Manufacturers have provided several flavors to meet the demand by smokers. They include a blend of vanilla, citrus and strawberry among others. The battery that powers the LED and burns the vaporizing liquid is rechargeable. The other part of the cigar stores the liquid and is refilled after use. There are no cigarette ends to be thrown away after every puff. The weight and size are convenient and make it fit appropriately in the pocket.

The ability to control the amount of nicotine on the refilled liquid works to the advantage of the smoker. It allows one to gradually reduce addition and eventually stop. It has the size, shape and feel of a traditional cigarette which is a compensation mechanism. It is easy to assemble and get started, with the option of an automatically lighting cigar or one that requires putting on and off.

Batteries store enough power to last several days without recharging. This depends on the frequency of puffing. The stick is light in weight and comes in a variety of colors to suit the needs of individual users. Batteries can be replaced when they are used-up without interfering with the liquid that produces vapor.

Ego 1300mah battery can be locked and gives you an indication when it is on through an LED signal. There is a cutoff timer that protects users from atomization. A signal indicates when it is overly discharged or when it has depleted below the recommended level. This will protect it from further damage.

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