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Keep Halloween Hijinks in Fabulous Photo Collages

By: Adela Jones

Halloween, a typical festival related to telling scary stories, watching horror films, spine-chilling ghosts, hustle sidewalks, trick-or-treating, jack-o'-lanterns, costume parties and many other horrifying words, is quickly approaching. Are you ready for the horrifyingly exiting Halloween? Yes, I think, you are already ready.

It is a creepy and frightful holiday but it is also the holiday that is filled full with thrill, fun, surprise, happiness and enjoyment. So donít be scared. Those moments deserve to be preserved. When it comes to preserve sweet, happy and haunting memories alive, eye-popping collage is ever the epic. Just spare some minutes to create some gorgeous photo collages from your creepy and cute shorts taken in Halloween for later enjoying.

Happy moments are always easy to be remembered and joyous mood is always worth being shared. Making some incredible collages from those fun time photos will bring you a difference Halloween. Well, the following tips will guide you to make collages and share them with your family, ghoulish friends and guests at ease.

Collection of Fun and Scary Photos
As spirits roam the neighborhoods, itís the best time to capture the wonderful photos which would pause the cherished moments. Photos like this deserve to be preserved much, photos of your kids' loot post-trick-or-treat, wearing costumes, making jokes, singing and dancing, photos of your decorated house, game night or activities, family events or even the family dinner. Just collect every photo you want to keep.

Design Your Collage in Mind
Itís better to conceive a general collage style in mind in case of getting stuck when doing brainstorming. Of course, not every one of us is a designer. In this case, some preset collage templates would be inspiring. Picture Collage Maker may inspire you with so many professionally designed collage templates preset in. Every individual can simply choose one Halloween theme to get started. To make it more personalized, you can change a background with your own image. Also you can apply masks, frames, or clipart to beatify your collage in your own style.

Add Descriptions to the Photo Collage
Once the images and art resources are well done, consider a text caption to describe the collage theme. Itís not a must, but itís better for describing your collages. You may edit the text font, size, color and alignment freely according to your preference, personality and the practicability. You can simply type the name of your costumed family members.

Print or Share Online
Halloween party pictures of you and your friends are genuine gold, so be sure to share these collages or cards with them after Halloween. Picture Collage Maker is a great choice for making photo collages which can be easily shared in printable artworks. You can send the collages out to the one you love via Email or on social networks as well.

Creating photo collages from those treasured mementos does not require much technical skills or a huge budget. And it brings you the happy moments forever. Why wait? Treat your family and friends to these fabulous photo collages and memorize this Halloween fun and happiness.

Information about the Author:

Iím an amateur photographer, illustrator and a computer geek who loves to try all kinds of new photography programs and I always focus on computer tips. I love Picture Collage Maker developed by PearlMountain Technology, which focuses on developing graphics software since 2006.

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